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  1. I drove a Lunchbox for the first time today It's now my favorite runner, I love it, it was surprisingly stable on a hard surface, I taped a bit of cardboard on the roof but it never rolled. I thought it would be more tippy like my hornet. It made me smile a lot, especially when the front squats down in reverse, and on grass the steering became non-existent. Here's pic of it, I'll try and take some running pics next time, I have a spare 'runner' body for it so it will be a gold color in those pics;
  2. Putting some paint on the saint... The driver on the left will go into a Fire Dragon and the driver on the right will go into a Saint Dragon;
  3. I turned my Hornet into a 'Fire Dragon'. The Fire Dragon body set comes with the body precut and ready for a Hornet. The spacer is a blue anodized metal. I will paint the body ps18 metallic purple with black edges.
  4. I loathe putting decals on. (I actually painted the blobby 'splash' decals on my Blitzer Beetle to avert the disaster that would have happened if I had messed around with the corresponding decals) All parts of the process take a long time for me, the biggest problem I have is little air bubbles, then don't often show themselves until it's too late. I use a craft-knife for cutting and a hair dryer for setting (I sometimes use soapy water for big ones) I ripped one of the Blitzer's decals slightly but managed to salvage it. It once took me 5 days to put decals on a hornet, (I spent about 2 hours a day on it so about 10 hours altogether, that's how long I take.)
  5. I put 3 stickers on my Blitzer Beetle. It took hours, haha.
  6. I tried to find a 1/12 resin figure on Aliexpress that could become 'Vanessa', I didn't find any that looked the part. I'm surprised no one produces a figure for the Lunchbox.
  7. I would love to get a TD if I found it on sale, I don't have that chassis with a front monoshock.
  8. The Saint grows on you, it's graceful appearance looks even better in person.
  9. The Saint Dragon is an unsung beauty. The Striker is also a very good looking car if the driver figure is nicely painted.
  10. Before and after; Today I started painting the window surrounds
  11. Painted the nosecone of my Blitzer Beetle TS36 is a very nice paint to work with, it goes on so smooth and consistent. I was almost going to scrap painting the box-art 'splash' graphics on the beetle and just use the stickers but TS36 saved the project.
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