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  1. Tamiya polycarbonate body cleaner is great stuff. A little goes a long way. I've been stripping a shell and it works well. It looks like it was never painted to begin with.
  2. Thanks. I was also envious of the frog as a kid, I spent a lot of time staring at the frog pics in the guidebooks wondering how that front suspension worked. Hope you don't mind but I checked out your frog, it looks great with that paint color and the alloy rims!
  3. It was a sunny day so I finally got to take the frog out for it's first run. It was a ton of fun to drive, it's a bit twitchy but I like that. I'll try to take a photo of it running next time.
  4. I only have 5 cars currently and they are all runners or will be runners Some of them have 2 bodies, one for the shelf and another for running. Lunchbox is probably my favorite runner, I love the amount of torque that the small brass pinion puts down through those soft tyres. Sand-hopper - Another of my favorites, the 380 motor is surprisingly fun on hard surfaces and the right speed for the scorcher body, any faster and i'd be grimacing. Frog - I haven't properly run this because I am still tinkering with it Fire Dragon - even though this is my favorite Tamiya I haven't run it much yet due to not yet finding some road tyres for it, although I did often run a Saint Dragon 4WD before it which is pretty much identical, I like the steering on this chassis. ( I will probably just run the Dragon with Boomerang rims and tyres in the future) Boomerang - this is still getting built and will get run in spring when the weather warms up.
  5. I took some photos of the frog, I've posted some before with another body, this body turned out much better; It's got 2 minor mods, metal plates screwed onto the sides of the gearbox and the rear body mounts have been reamed further into the chassis to make the body easier to take off;
  6. My theory is that it will be rereleased just after I give up waiting and resort to buying a used one.
  7. Today I put another sticker on the Boomerang Only 6 stickers left to go. It's been a very slow build, haha
  8. A stinger body would be nice.
  9. My old rere Hornet wasn't missing any parts but it was missing the thread inside one of the d13 parts, I know other people have had the same problem. I had to make a slurry out of glue and plastic to glue the piston shaft into it.
  10. I wouldn't mind a Falcon. I think the Dynahead is nice as well.
  11. The Sandhopper has a new driver and I put a bunch of stickers on the rear end.
  12. Is the body from Team Bluegroove? I've always liked the look of the Falcon body.
  13. That's a nice Falcon, the body looks very natural on that chassis.
  14. I've almost finished all my unfinished projects. I've been thinking about what car I most want to build next....and it's the Falcon. I wish Tamiya would rerelease it this year..
  15. I've almost finished building a boomerang and it seems to be built like a tank (except for the battery door joining the bottom of the chassis and gearbox) the gearbox attachment points for the arms are much more reassuring than the little tabs on the Thundershot/Dragons.
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