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  1. Subscribed! Awesome build! Made me inspired to try to figure out how to build the 956 New Man I always wanted... in 1:10.
  2. Looking for this final detail for my 49400 kit (finding hop ups has been a time consuming quest). Primarily looking for NIP but can consider used if shelfer/mint condition. Thanks Anders
  3. Hi, I am looking for an - ideally - Europe based 49400. Primarily looking for a built one shelfer in mint condition but an also willing to consider a NIB or a runner if the condition is great/good. My goal is to re-build/build the car as it’s such a stunning piece of RC art and I want to see it every day Thank you
  4. Looking for a Europe based Tamiya TA05MS. Not concerned about lower floor scratches but would ideally want a car in a great-good condition. Please shoot me a PM if you have something you may be willing to part with. Thanks
  5. A Falcon would be awesome but not sure why Tamiya would rere it given that they have just given us the new vintage-like BB platform. Granted it's not apples and apples, it feels like BB is a big bet for them so it seems to me that they would want to get their return on it. I might be totally wrong but struggle to see the business logic. The 959 is the one I feel might actually come for the following three reasons Remains being a hugely popular and iconic model and I think it's fair to say there is huge pent-up demand Porsche has recently launched the 911 Dakar with an optional Rothman livery and ran a whole series of social media content on the restoration of a 959 Tamiya just launched the XV02 Pro kit on top of which they could make it a premium proposition This could also mean that they could package it as a limited edition series to maintain the aspirational status the original clearly has and avoid upsetting long-time fans by flooding supply. Anyhow, I re-fell in love with the hobby not too long ago so all the cars I truly like - incl the 959 which was a childhood dream - are $$$ on eBay so my fingers are crossed for lots of rere's going forward
  6. That is great news! Truly appreciate your confirmation
  7. Hi everyone, I recently came across a NIB of the rere of the amazing JPS Lotus 79 (kit 84122). As a tribute to the ultimate performance ethos of F1, I would like to build this body over an all-carbon/aluminum car. I found the amazing F104 V2 Pro kit online (58534) that seems like the ideal base for what I want to achieve but also realized that the V2 is a regular width car whereas the JPS is a Wide version of the 104. I have studied the build instructions for both to understand if I could use the wider F103 front suspension - that the F104W apparently is based on - on the F104 V2 chassis but couldn’t come to a conclusive answer. Does anyone have any experience with a similar project and from the V2 Pro carbon chassis? I like to drive my cars but this one will be a shelf queen. Having said that I would like the geometry to be correct and not just butcher it together. All advice is highly appreciated Anders
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