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  1. Suspensiom arms and gearbox are exactly the same as in DT-03, so availibility should not be an issue.
  2. Hi, I bought Futaba 2- Channel receiver. Then I realized, that I do not have free slot to install fan. Can I use "Batt" slot to connect fan? I think answer is "Yes", but I do not want to try and see "Magic Smoke", if answer is "No"
  3. In my experience, you will get most power almost immediately after charge. If you charge them and store for few days, you will notice lack of that "boost" when battery is freshly charged. Charge then and when you will go for a run, charge them once again. It will take few minutes per battery.
  4. @Pylon80 I cannot send you PM, so question below: I see that you used Type S steering set in standard TT-02. Is it Plug and Play? Can I ask you for information, what length of turnbuckles you used?
  5. Do you mean "standard" grease in both diffs, instead of AW in front?
  6. I am bit lost in translation here. You add it to wash clothes. Google Translates says "washing powder" but is sounds strange. Detergent?
  7. Diff is perfectly clean. I shaked it in jar with washing powder and then used brush and soap.
  8. Issue solved, maybe it will be useful for someone. Washing powder and hot water ( not boiling!) works perfectly.
  9. Hi, I want to remove AW Grease used in TT-02 Diff. Any tips? IPA in jar works poorly.
  10. I had DT-03 with all official Hop Ups ( except of Ball Diff) and even few more upgrades like stainless shafts, TRF wing, improved shock mount to lower front arms. The best thing is, that despite so many Hop Ups, it was still cheaper and in some cases, better than e.g. TT-02B.
  11. Do you mean fron uprights? I did not have any issue in DT-03*. Totally fine. Battery compartment is no issue for me: I use NiMh. *I sold it some time ago. Worst decision ever.
  12. Hi, I found DT-02 Sand Viper in LHS. It costs 90 Euros, which seems to be really nice offer, because kit includes Bearings, Steel Drive Shafts, CVA v2 shocks, upper arms are adjustable. Talking shortly, not too much to upgrade in so simple kit. However, I know that kit is quite old. I heard that Shock Towers are quite weak, which should not be a problem because I run only on asphalt. Any other issues? I am big fan of DT-03, bit DT-02 seems to be much more interesting, despite the same price.
  13. In that case... what color do you prefer? In my case, on grey asphalt, it seems that pale green works the best. However, maybe there is something I do not know "The best" does not mean "good", so that is why I ask.
  14. Hi, As in topic: are mentioned parts the same? Of course, pin is obvious but I believe it can be removed/ cut. What about dimensions?
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