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  1. That's true but only in metal on metal applications, even tapped plastic will hold screw just like nylon lock nut at least for first few assemblys
  2. I'm planning on using Sand Viper body, as sand viper was one of my first tamiya rc model that i went racing with. Later i switched to Losi xxx-cr which has simmilar body shape and i quite like it As for 201 XR chassis conversion... this needs to wait for my birthday i hope there will be one aviable at that time :/
  3. I'm from Poland, but i've ordered chassis tub in UK My local supplier wont have any tubs until around mid aprill, and i'm hopping i can enter competition at the mid aprill with this car
  4. Since i returned do hobby i've started acquiring some bits and chassis to rebuild. So first in line is TRF201 build from bits Some parts are in post and some are waiting to be acquired later this month, but i couldn't resist assembling what i had on hand allready And those parts were most difficult to track down and this is state of chassis for now Still waiting on chassis tub, it supposed to be here today but clearly something must have stalled it :/
  5. I ask my wife for permission It might not work if you can do good puppyeyes
  6. ive heard of some guys using Team Associated B6 front arms
  7. I think it would be a good idea to recreate some hard to come buy parts, i've recently bought the last L tree parts in europe i believe :/
  8. as far as i can tell TD4/TD2 slipper clutch set is identical to DN-01/trf201 one. i will confirm that next month, as i exeeded this month budget by a lot Don't worry, my wife didn't throw me out to couch yet
  9. Yeah i agree, i believe i've bought last one in europe :/ Maby we need to make 3d model for the future ?
  10. you can try contact this seller, i think nobody bought it https://www.ebay.com/itm/134468012164?hash=item1f4eeb0884%3Ag%3AgN4AAOSwPHdj~QOB&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoEajSxwATZiBhKptYGSI4vW%2FzkMljN7%2BcGv1l2dwzqFdbloeWC9f9Bm71ioeidlcBm8zuMaAlD67WbunOqBgffei26xnFHjncy3Ss9nG0UYfx7V7MppVDVrDlN2XpGOWGy5iMNDYvJD%2BtrufpixwXbKc8EPjvNEQguOyZR2KJMh7i4C%2BudwhrAiQdzM4V5kogA%2BP0pzKFOSi0sTYmXB7XGQ%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_iD_-3UYQ&nma=true&si=Vr5NgEiGQrsGk1WVsIoFEdsiXwg%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  11. i might have one in my 501. Used just for 15 minutes of runtime
  12. you are using modified trf201 gearbox if i'm not mistaken? They look awesome now i need to build one in some near future
  13. I was planning to restore my ff-01, but lack of good gearbox on the marked stopped me quite quicly :/ which means...
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