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  1. Oh awesome! That's exactly what I was hoping!
  2. Dang, that sucks. Guess I'll have to buy a new battery then.
  3. Does anyone know if the current reissue of the M05 Golk Mk1 has the V2 chassis that will accept rectangular LiPo batteries? Or is it using the original chassis with the oval cutout?
  4. By the way, I ended up getting a set of Eagle Racing bell cranks off of eBay, and they're fantastic! About the same price as the Yeah Racing, but they seem to be higher quality. Less slop than the original parts, too.
  5. I’m using a shorty lipo in mine, pushed forward with a block of foam.
  6. I'm super happy with it! Handles worlds better than my rally-spec TT02, and especially on dirt it looks very scale going around the track and kicking the rear end out in the turns.
  7. Well, I've raced my XV02 once so far at the very small indoor off-road track (won the B Main) and I've run it on both the dirt track near me on Tuesday and the very large indoor off-road track today. Finally broke something after getting smacked by a SCT and of course it was the steering bellcrank that snapped off where it connects to the rod from the servo. Naturally I can't find anywhere in the US that stocks the T parts (or even the Yeah Racing parts), so I guess I'll be running my TT02 at the race on Saturday.
  8. The only reason I’m worried is because I was breaking a steering knuckle on my TT-02 almost every week. The equivalent parts on the XV-02 are fiberglass reinforced, so maybe I should be less concerned. We run rally on the same track as the buggies, so there are jumps, but they’re relatively small.
  9. I just finished my XV-02 build last week, and ran my first race with it on Thursday. I hadn't really looked online for replacement or hop-up parts until after I built it, but I noticed that there's really not much available for the chassis compared to my TT-02 and that makes me a little bit scared to race it in case I break something. Tamiya doesn't even offer an aluminum steering upgrade, which seems weird since the steering parts seem like the weakest link. Why is that? Is it just because it's a relatively new chassis? Or have sales been lower than expected? Should I be worried? Makes me wonder if I should have gone with the XV-01 instead.
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