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  1. That worked! You all are the best! Thanks!
  2. I know this has probably been addressed here but I’m still getting familiar with site. I just rebuilt BF transmission with an MIP diff and aluminum adjustable motor mount. I’m using the stock pinion but it won’t keep mesh?? Everything is tight. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!!!
  3. Thanks. Yep just staying brushed/with silver can motor.
  4. Thanks for allowing me to join!! I traded for a frog that has been modded to a Blackfoot. Below is an inside pic of trans. I know very little about these RC’s but it looks like there is a BF pinion on it and a stock frog spur. If so is there any probably running it like that? I did order a MIP diff and a BF spur. Thoughts?? Thanks!!!!
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