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  1. Also finished the turbo scorpion 🦂 (but tyres keep falling off when it runs - the super glue has to come out)
  2. New shell with mix of reproduction stickers and left over turbo scorpion 🦂 ones
  3. They are good looking buggies! That orange one is a beaut. I’m thinking blue / pink for mine. That’s one awesome collection!
  4. Oh thanks for the heads up.. I’ll definitely take a look! I’ve just ordered a turbo scorpion so I can save the Maxxum for the shelf above my desk!!
  5. @Wooders28 yes, I built and painted it when I was 13 (did a lot of paper rounds to buy it) so it would be a very hard sell. The quality of the finish leaves a LOT to be desired so I have ordered a new shell and hopefully I will do a better job the 2nd time round
  6. Thanks @Willy iine @markbt73 I’m definitely leaning that way! Restore and take it out once in a while to relive my youth! The Le Mans motor still runs really well and I’ll keep in brushless and intact!! As you say there are plenty of amazing kits out there - so many re-releases that I can have as a runner!
  7. Afternoon, so I’ve finally got the RC bug back after getting my old hornet and Maxxum ff out of storage. The Maxxum runs (except the old receiver needs a new antenna and goes out of range after a few meters) but needs a new shell, tyres and electrics. The question is whether I run the Maxxum or restore to keep.. the parts don’t seem to be that easy to get and the car is in fairly good condition! I’d love a runner so I can race around with my sons Tamiyas’. Anyone else have experience with running old Kysho’s and have advice on running, keeping or even selling? thanks 🙏🏼
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