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  1. And because if you want to play during holidays, you'll have to transport your car ... @+. Sn@il
  2. Hop Up for the Neo Scorcher !
  3. Hi all, A few news about the Monster Beetle and the Neo Scorcher : a lot of fun ! I also played with my small 3018 CNC to produce personal Hop Up ! First, I tried to fix weakness points I experienced on my previous MB in the 90's on the rear arms. It works so good, much more stiffness on the shock absorbers system.
  4. @TurnipJF Wow. It’s another style, but I like it too. Thank you for the information.
  5. Thank you guys. @Kowalski86 That’s a very good idea to add a polycarbonate beetle shell. I’ll check that. @Gebbly I also thought about netting, but I had nothing on hand looking like that. I chose an old stainless steel sieve. 😁 @moffman that’s what I already put a MIP ball diff, because of the torque of the dirt tuned and maybe more power in the future. 😉 Some pictures of the driver adaptation. @+. Sn@il
  6. I forget to say that the Monster Beetle has been equipped with a MIP ball differential and a dirt tuned motor. Just a little faster than the silver can but lot more torque. It’s a little bit slower than the Neo Scorcher with the torque tuned motor. My son is happy ! @+. Sn@il
  7. Thank you Willy iine ! We love them too ! @+. Sn@il
  8. Hi all, Sorry for my poor English from France. My son had a Neo Scorcher TT02B for his birthday. In order not to feel playing alone, I also bought a new Monster Beetle. It has been such pleasure and fun to build this two cars in parallel. It remembered me my first Monster Beetle assembled in 1988. It will be back from my parents house on the next summer to clean, restore and rebuilt it. I think I’ll go for a pink one. For the Neo Scorcher, the height has been increased tweaking the dampers and a pilot has been added. For the Monster Beetle, classic color and stickers, only a grid has been added as the back window disappeared in the 2015 edition Some photos of the result. @+. Sn@il
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