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  1. Newly built. Drilled for a tt02/1. light buckets installed etc. £50 posted uk.
  2. Thanks, be good to know what else is out there as it something I’d be interested in having in the collection.
  3. Just out of interest, what other cars do they use? Is there some specific cars or Isit just converted buggy’s
  4. MST dealers in uk are driftmanjirc and slide dynamics. They’re primarily drift rc shops but they also stock all the mst crawler parts/chassis etc. https://www.driftmanjirc.com/collections/rc-crawlers/products/rc-crawler-tires-mst-km-crawler-tire-30x90x1-9-soft-compound-831006
  5. Two sets of 55/58t Tt01e spur gears 👍😁
  6. I’ve ran 21t motors with and without internal fans and not really noticed a massive difference in temps. Hard to say really as I run external fan regardless when racing. core rc motors are decent motors with fans built in (these tend to be our races go to motors for the majority) last a while and less than £10 each. Can’t fault them.
  7. I’ve got a set of tamiya screw drivers and a set of Overdose hex drivers I use at home or for fresh builds. Also got a set of MIP hex drivers in my pit bag that I use at the track.
  8. I always do it before paint that way I can actually see the posts and make sure everything’s lined up correctly. Most if not all tamiya bodys have a little dimple in the lexan for the location of post’s anyway, then just put a-bit of masking tape over the hole on the outside of body to stop any overspray if it does tear the protective layer.
  9. Ok I’m sold, where to buy in the UK?
  10. Good read and look forward to the next round write up 👍
  11. It’s easier to paint than it is to apply a carbon decal. These were done with Tamiya window tint (3 light coats) then backed with fibre reinforced aluminium tape. Core RC tape seems to have the best and most consistent weave in the tape from what I’ve used so far.
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