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  1. Are these fine the battery/ battery charger and transmitter
  2. Both I wanna start maybe with the stock motor it comes with and maybe upgrade to brushless at one point maybe around 30mph
  3. I think I have decided. I’ll save up to get a XV-01 do you have any recommendations with the electronics to use for it ?
  4. Well I found these online for a XV-01 over my price a little but I’m willing to get these if they are better out of the box than TT-02. Would spending just a little more be substantially better https://www.amazon.com/Tamiya-America-Lancia-Integrale-TAM58569/dp/B00CI064VE https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-1-10-xv-01-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-ep-58528-00035267
  5. I’m thinking $150 but I don’t really wanna go over $200 and I live in the USA
  6. Thank you ima start looking tomorrow in the morning see if I can’t find any
  7. I was also wondering this is, well if it would just be cheaper for me to build the tt02 kit on my own and supply the needed plastic replacements for rally and figure out the electronics on my own. Or just find and buy a prebuilt tt02 kit with all the bits and supply the electronics on my own.
  8. Will the touring cars be good to use on dirt tracks with twist and turns and jumps ?
  9. I would like to just pop the shell to a new chassi with all the electronics to save the hassle. But I also don’t want to break the bank. I want to stay budget friendly.(if that’s even an option)
  10. I bought it because it’s my car in real life. I have a 03 Subaru wrx. I thought it would be cool to drive a mini version of it.
  11. Hello I just purchased my first RC car which is the Quick Drive 2001 Subaru 1:10 scale . I was wondering if I could chasis swap it to a better performing chassi with minimal hassle. I want to use this car on the dirt in more rally conditions with jumps. Anything helps thanks in advance
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