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  1. I had an order in for CVA shocks etc for my Grasshopper, she was waiting for tamiya to send them for roughly 6 months. She did me very good deals in the past and highly recommended her, so I opted to wait it out and have patience. I received a refund with no email correspondence to notify me what was going on so I thought she might have been told that the parts are unavailable etc Sad to here the news that they are closing the doors in the foreseeable future. I would be patient with Joanne as she will process your order or refund when she gets to it. All the best to them in the future
  2. Son's Hornet kit and waterproof servo arrived today from @Fusion-Hobbies Grasshopper servo failed earlier this week so time to upgrade 😂 CVA shocks and associated parts currently on backorder but I've got a Hornet to build and paint to keep me busy
  3. I went for the Hornet, should hopefully arrive sometime this week from Fusion Hobbies. Excellent service from Joanne and the team again, delighted and looking forward to building it. Ordered an 3D printed axle brace also
  4. Got my sport tune motor on Friday and have ordered the now correct pinion gear. I've ordered GH2 front arms from ebay and Cva mini dampers 50746, brackets, brass tubes etc from fusion hobbies last night to sort out the bouncy front end. I should have waited as my son now wants a tamiya also so trying to decide between a Rising Fighter, Neo Fighter, hornet or Grasshopper 2 🤷‍♂️😂
  5. Morning, 

    I've been trying to contact you today, 

    I've sent an email just now to explain the issue, hope you manage to resolve it 👌

  6. Oops again then 😂 🤷🏿‍♂️ it will be fine, if it strips the gears I'll just upgrade the whole lot. Didn't want a steel one because I take it to the beach quite a lot and didn't want to deal with it rusting after every run. I'll look for a coated one next time
  7. Turns out Tamiya Sp-355 18/19t pinion set doesn't work with a grasshopper /sport tune 😭😭😭 I just bought a set thinking it was what I needed without looking into properly 🤷🏿‍♂️
  8. Thanks guys, I've just completed a purchase of a 540 sport tune and 18/19t pinion set from fusion hobbies Hopefully I'll get massive rooster tails at the beach and I'll keep the 380 silver can as a backup motor. Again thank you for the advice 👌
  9. Thanks, have you got a link to the blog?
  10. That's what I meant 😂 just in a less technical meaning 😂
  11. I'm basically saying I read it but didn't read it properly. I think it means Sport Tuned motors and motors 25T or more? I am one to skim a manual to get what I need instead of reading it back to front before I play with things lol learn by doing 😂
  12. Looked out the instructions just now and re read them, and you're comment 😂
  13. How are the Scorpion tyres on the sand? Better than the Grasshopper paddle tyre?
  14. I'm not sure, I'll Google the part number and find out about them in the picture
  15. Besides the Hornet/frog tyres that fit the Grasshopper standard rims what else fits them? I seen these but unsure
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