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  1. A nice video about the XM01 Pro. By the way, he also uses the DCJs and shows the combined parts. 🙂
  2. Please don't throw away the XV01T bumper, it's very hard to find. A friend of mine has been looking for this part for a long time.
  3. One more thought: If I were to build a DT02 again, I would go without the camber turnbuckles. Instead, I would use the upper arms from the kit. I have never adjusted the camber on my DT02 in many years. In my humble opinion they are more useful in on-road cars.
  4. On my DT02 Desert Gator, the shock tower support (from Carson) was a worthwhile investment.
  5. I know it's a shame. They are a bit oddball and perhaps seem a bit old-fashioned. They don't even use cookies on their website! 🙂 Tamico ships abroad and they got the shafts in stock too: https://tamico.de/Tamiya-19804932-Antriebswellen-30mm-2-M-05verII-R
  6. If I remember correctly, I first searched on Google for "tamiya double cardan joints 30mm shafts" and found the shafts on a Dutch (the-border) and a Japanese (g-works-inc) website. Then I thought if they exist as separately sold items, Mr Seidel must have them too. When it comes to Tamiya parts, it's an excellent German address: www.modellbau-seidel.de The website is a kind of Tamiya encyclopedia. I searched for "30mm" and found, among other things, our DCJ shafts. Two days later I had them on my desk. 🙂
  7. Yesterday I modified the antenna mount of my MF01X and attached it to a more central location.
  8. I think you're right. This morning it was standing at the window enjoying the summer rain. Was it a coincidence that it was facing northwest? However, unicorns don't know stress or time pressure because they are timeless beings. I'm happy that I have a unicorn staying with me at the moment.
  9. Well, I can think of two options: 1. DCJ Set 42300 plus 42218 axles plus two 5x10x3mm bearings as @Honza suggested. 2. DCJ Set 42216 or 42312 plus the 30mm DCJ shafts 19804932. The 19804932 shafts are only sold separately by a few retailers, so the first option may be the right one for most people.
  10. While I was sorting and cleaning up my RC parts the other day, I found some brand new DCJ parts with 42mm shafts that I had intended for my XV01 some time ago. 🤔😀 I decided to put them in my XM01 instead. So I ordered the 30mm shafts, assembled the DCJs and installed them today in my XM01. They now fit perfectly. Looking forward to the next practice laps. 🙂
  11. To get back to the original topic of this thread: My first order from Plaza Japan brought a little unicorn to my desk. 😍
  12. Today I received my first delivery from Plaza Japan with a cute unicorn and the lower bent arms for my CR01 Unimog. Surprisingly, they had not only the front ones but also the rare rear ones in stock. So my CR01 will soon get a small upgrade after many years.
  13. Today a delivery arrived from my favourite hobby shop. Parts for differentials, a set of rims, DCJ drive shafts and a Neo Scorcher body with stickers. The Dual Ridge body never really warmed my heart. And last but not least, my beloved antenna caps. Without the Tamiya antenna caps the world would be a sad place, wouldn't it? 😍
  14. The universals supplied are absolutely fine. However, I have found in other cars that the DCJs in the front axle can be a noticeable improvement.
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