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  1. Tony, to answer your question it is both really. I have always liked the way the TL drives compared to the TT & the build was satisfying because it's a one-off. I made mine 239mm to fit the M04 beetle shell but getting it down to 210mm for a mini is easy enough. The chop itself is a little daunting at first when you realise that you have just chopped a chassis in half...you just need a steady hand. The prop had to be cut down & the hardest part for me was drilling a new hole for the drive pin. The 3racing TT/M kit is good value but I found it very brittle especially the lower arms, they would always break if you hit something. It's also very fiddly especially when trying to get it to 210mm. I ran mine 225mm with the Suzuki Swift body.
  2. Here's mine from a couple of years ago. I have also done the TL01 conversion which I actually prefer.
  3. Yes, that is annoying, happened to me recently after I spent a couple of hours shopping around trying to find several parts from one supplier to save on postage only to find that half the items were in stock after I had paid for them. I like the way the Modelsport website tells you if the items are in stock or not. Would be nice if Fusion could do the same.
  4. Just got the FJ40 Land Cruiser from Modelzone for £129 inc ESC & lights. Just waiting for some GPM bits to arrive from Hong Kong before I start building it. It's not my usual cup of tea either but I've always been curious about the CC01 chassis & love the retro look of the FJ40 so when Modelzone reduced the price I had to have one!
  5. Gotta love the TL01, it's a surprisingly good all round chassis. I'm in the process of a building a Shortened TL01 drift car to use with my M04 beetle shell. I also have a TL01 tourer which when set up correctly can be very rewarding to race.
  6. I've got CVAs on mine with blue springs up front & yellow on the rear & it handles great. Speaking of overkill I am running a 9T Ezrun brushless sytem with a 19t Pinion & it's totally bonkers but great fun!
  7. Thanks Tony but I have two sets of wheels which are in very good condition so really only need a set of tyres. Surely there must be a set 1/12th sponge tyres of some description that will fit but 1/12th isn't my thing so I don't really know about the sizes.
  8. My car is fitted with the 3Racing blue alloy hex adapters but no spacers. The Enzo wheels are a close fit but I would say there is almost 2mm clearance from the arms. Surely there can't be that much difference between the 3Racing hex adapters & the standard kit ones???
  9. I've just been given a 58006 Martini Porsche 936 rolling chassis & bodyshell. It all seems to be complete just needs a good clean. I intend to strip,clean,polish & rebuild it again. The only thing is that all the tyres are rock hard and out of shape so I'm wondering if there is a modern day tyre that I can buy to replace the originals. Been looking on Ebay & boy parts for these cars are virtually non existant!
  10. I agree with Baka that something isn't right. I also have a F103GT and a set of Enzo wheels which I have just tried & they fit perfectly with no binding whatsoever.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to help me out guys, There's more than enough information there to get me running properly. (Excellent links Terry) So...A good set of tyres first, The Geckos look like a good starting point, Cheap & available in the UK too. Then chassis tuning, I'm thinking that with a good set of tyres the tweaks to the chassis will be more noticeable. The more I read about pan cars the more determined I am to master them. Whilst I love chucking touring cars around I long for something that requires a little more driver involvement & your last sentence summed that up Terry. Time to go shopping now. I'll see how I get on with foam tyres & the chassis tweaks then if need be I'll come back & ask about tyre additves!!! P.S. Can anyone recommend a good 190mm body for this chassis that will give me better downforce than my battered Enzo body. I like the Mugen Courage shell but it's too good & probably too fragile to run with.
  12. Wow, What an in depth reply, loads of information. Thanks for that, much appreciated. I'll start with the tyres first then tweak the T bar as you described. The rubber tyres that are currently fitted are soft rear & hard front but as I said before I just can't get the power on so I'm guessing I need adjust that T bar &/or my driving style. I have driven numerous RWD buggies & also raced an M04 in the Eurocup once with no problems at all. But I just can't get this one to handle properly yet. Maybe it's because I'm used to a damper on each corner instead of the friction plate/T bar set up. When I go into the corner I let off before I turn & it understeers going into the corner but If I attempt to apply the throttle to stop the understeer thats when it spins. I thought perhaps I'm going into the corner too fast so I tried to brake before I turn but that just makes the car spin also. I don't mind the understeer I can sort that out but the lack of rear grip is bugging me at the moment. I would like to try the Kawahara tyres as I can buy them mounted on wheels with a 12mm hex drive but I have never used foam tyres before so could you confirm that they are more grippy than rubbers? What are they like in the wet? Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I bought the car used but with all my cars I totally strip, clean, replace any worn parts & rebuild again from the ground up. I built it according to the manual with new O ring & diff balls & spur gear. It has a standard silver can motor, 0.4 module 20T pinion & 93t spur gear & a CVA oil damper. Tyres currently are super slicks rear & M grip radials front. Whilst we only race in the parking lot all of us take it very seriously and squeeze as much performance as we can out of the car. We have a mix of TL01s, TT01s, TA02, TA05IFS. I usually like to run something different & my current runner is a TT01 with the 3Racing Mchassis conversion. I've got this car really well set up & balanced & its currently the quickest car around the circuit. Trouble is its too easy to drive & I wanted something more challenging which is why I went for the F103GT. I have found a supplier in the U.S. that can supply Kawahara tyres but I am open to any other suggestions. I am very interested in chassis tuning especially if it doesn't involve spending any money!!! I have tried tweaking the chassis but can't seem to stop the oversteer so I am thinking that this chassis is very sensitive to tyre choice. I can drive it in a straight line and chuck it in to a corner whith a little understeer but when I exit the corner I only just touch the throttle & it spins out as if I'm driving on ice!!! Any other advice greatly appreciated.
  14. As the title says... What are the best tyres for smooth tarmac? Am I right in thinking that foams would be better than rubber? If so What shore ratings & brand. Someone suggested Kawahara but I've not heard of them before. Also any advise on diff & suspension tuning would be appreciated. This is my first car of this type & it's prooving to be a real handful at the moment with super slicks on the rear, I only have to look at the throttle & it spins out. Overall I think this a great chassis & I'm determined to master it.
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