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  1. Do I need this? No. Do I really want this now that I know it exists? YES. The anodized Tamiya blue still looks beautiful 🤌
  2. Ok, I thought it was just me...thanks so much!
  3. Ok, so Im not sure if I did something wrong or not, but I just got the TT01 turnbuckle set for my TT02. I just took it out for its first run since installing it, and it doesnt quite handle like I want it to. So Im trying to adjust them and either the wrench it comes with is messed up somehow, or my turnbuckles are stripped at the nut. Its a brand new set and I dont know why the wrench wont hold onto the turnbuckle nuts. Any thoughts?
  4. Does that mean if you do it right, you can get it to be done and complete (body, paint, motor, esc, etc) and itd be cheaper than a complete TT02? Im seeing Sakura d5's for about 100 bucks for a chassis.
  5. Yeah Ive seen em. They look pretty awesome. Im just not quite ready to dish out the money for something like that yet 😅
  6. Oh man, ok...thats a bummer. I feel a little late to the party with rc stuff lol I was just asking about the TT02D Type-S out of curiosity. I enjoy my TT02 and I really enjoy some occasional, basic drifting every now and then. But I also enjoy postal racing and wanted a decent touring car that could also drift some. I just know the TT02D Type-S had a lot of adjustablility compared to the stock TT02. So just wondering 😅 Thanks again!
  7. Will do, Ill see what I can make of the torque tuned motor and go from there. Does anyone else know whether or not you need an esc upgrade for the sport tuned motor?
  8. Has anyone heard of the TT02D Type-S??? I just saw Thercracer do a review of it. Does anyone own one? If so, what do you think of it? From a beginner drifting standpoint? Is it THAT much better than a (mostly) stock tt02 with drift tires? Also, where to find it for sale, in the US?
  9. This makes a lot of sense. I guess I did leave some things out of my original post. So Ive got the Torque tuned motor and Im running 2s lipos. So I might go that route. Side question: Is the sport tuned motor worth it? Is it THAT much better than the torque tuned? Thanks!
  10. Man, thats great to hear that youve done that! This is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thanks so much!
  11. One more question...would something like the TB-05 63t 0.6mod spur gear be better to lower the overall gear ratio? Or would it be better to get a bigger pinion gear, like a 25t or a 26t?
  12. Thanks @alvinlwh! I do still have that TT02 chart, but I just didnt know whether or not it still applied I guess 😅
  13. Yes it does pass the 3 sec rule. Ive never heard that term before. But I assume it means how long you can put your finger on the motor for? And yeah, sorry, I forgot to put down that I just have the torque tuned motor. For the most part I do run on smooth asphalt, though the occasional rough patch comes up every now and then. But makes sense, thanks!
  14. Hello, just wondering...I sort of want to upgrade to a brushless system in my TT02, but its gonna be quite the wad of cash to do so. So instead of doing that, i was wondering what the easiest way to get the lowest FDR possible while being safe for the motor. I currently have a 22t 0.6mod pinion and the high speed gear set. Thanks in advance!
  15. Yeah, Ive done that 😅 Its still was a little tough to turn, especially with any throttle. But thanks!
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