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  1. Hello! Im new to the RC hobby, and especially to building/owning a TT02 kit. Long story short, I had an rc truck (low-end, hobby grade) and it turned out to be trash. But it did have a braking feature! So I was wondering how braking works and whether or not the Tamiya TT02 has that feature as well. Because I imagine even going 20-30mph in a parking lot and then a 1:1 car comes around really quick, braking/stopping would be important. Any answers and insight is appreciated (Tried looking it up with the search feature and either I dont know what the heck Im doing, or it hasnt been mentioned before at all. Only the wheel hub stuff comes up)
  2. Ok πŸ˜‚ I guess Ill put my kit together when it comes and see what I think of it after I get to run it πŸ˜… Thanks so much!
  3. Ohh I see. Is the stock one that bad? Is the stock one doable for someone like me? (Not club racing or trying to break any records)
  4. Yes! Ive ordered bearings as well! I figured I would at least get that, because of how hard it seems to replace them once you build a tt02. What does the aluminum steering bridge do? Does it help with improving steering angle? And sounds good, Ill be sure to take my time building it. Though Im itching to get it together so I can drive it πŸ˜…
  5. Sorry for so many questions and thank you for taking your time to answerπŸ˜… But even though I have an lvc, it wont matter at all that the battery is smaller? The old dud truck I bought seems to have a 540 motor as well and seemed to hold up fine for the time it was alive. I guess I dont quite understand why itd work for that one, but not the tt02 (I have a small brain πŸ˜‚)
  6. Ohh I see. So it just wont give the motor, esc, etc. much power then? Is that less power than a typical Nihm battery?
  7. I saw that set, I might look into picking it up since its <$10. Thank you for all the tips and help!
  8. Do you know what kind of metal is used for the stock pinion gear? Would a new aluminum one be ok? And since I havent recieved my kit yet, i dont know this, but how many teeth are on the stock pinion?
  9. Thanks! I might look into fancier shocks after I see what I think of the stock ones πŸ˜…
  10. Hmm, is it just because its small and will slide around the battery tray? It is a smaller battery, but I was thinking it might reduce some weight too?
  11. TAMIYA CVA Super-Mini Shock (4): TT-02, TAM54753 https://a.co/d/f7Wjkxs This is what came up on my Amazon search. Its quite a bit more expensive than the YR ones
  12. Ok, so the 2s lipos I have are listed as follows... 1600mah 30c From what I understand, mah translates to run time, and since I can have 6 fully charged batteries, im not too worried about run time as I should be able to switch between them.
  13. Ohh, I didnt know that... Would these shocks be a good alternative? Yeah Racing Shock-Gear 55mm Damper Set for 1/10 RC Touring Car Orange #DSG-0055OR https://a.co/d/bCZkj2R
  14. Ok, so the #54753 shocks are $40 on Amazon. Not sure if Im willing to spend THAT much. But I also see the Tamiya 50519 Mini Shock Set II? Would that fit a TT02 as well? Its $16 compared to $40
  15. Ive done a couple gundam model kits before, and have some nippers, so I should be good! Again, Ill have to check out those shocks, thank you!
  16. I didnt know the Tamiya ones are only about $17 on Amazon. Ill have to check em out! Thanks! And Ill get the mah and C rating soon. Caught up with something atm. Thank you again!
  17. Hello! Im new here to Tamiyaclub and tamiya RC. I just ordered my firct rc kit, a TT02 (A80 Racing Supra). I was just wondering, is there anything I should know and pay attention to when I start to build it? I think I remember seeing some Youtube videos where people used tackle boxes to sort out screws? (Are there really THAT many???) Maybe a dumb question, is it better for me to try to finish in a day or two, or should I spend my time building it? Even if it ends up taking a week or two? Are stock TT02 shocks really as bad as some say? A good set of shocks + oil might cost me around 30-40 dollars (US). Is it worth buying a set? Or is a cheap >$20 set ok too? And I have about 6 spare 2s LiPo batteries from a dud rc truck I got for about $100. Im hoping to be able to use those (I got a lvc too) Im just planning to drive around anywhere I can, really. Just want to make it as fun as possible while keeping it relatively cheap. Not looking to make a bunch of upgrades (though I did get bearings). Thanks in advance for all the answers! And if there is anything else I should know, please feel free to throw it out there!
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