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  1. 2 hours ago, ChrisRx718 said:

    If you're feeling fancy; Tamiya 53602:


    Or the newer 42236:


    I've only just realised the newer one exists. I don't have one. Now I want one :lol:



    Do I need this? No.

    Do I really want this now that I know it exists? YES.

    The anodized Tamiya blue still looks beautiful 🤌

  2. Ok, so Im not sure if I did something wrong or not, but I just got the TT01 turnbuckle set for my TT02. I just took it out for its first run since installing it, and it doesnt quite handle like I want it to. So Im trying to adjust them and either the wrench it comes with is messed up somehow, or my turnbuckles are stripped at the nut. Its a brand new set and I dont know why the wrench wont hold onto the turnbuckle nuts. Any thoughts? 

  3. 16 hours ago, alvinlwh said:

    Try a 3R Sakura D5S. Cheaper than a TT-02 made to Type S standards. Pretty good out of the box with not much need for hopups.

    Does that mean if you do it right, you can get it to be done and complete (body, paint, motor, esc, etc) and itd be cheaper than a complete TT02? 

    Im seeing Sakura d5's for about 100 bucks for a chassis. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Kpowell911 said:

    I think theyre discontinued, I tried to find one not long ago.


    Id suggest just buying a Type S and putting drift tyres on it

    Oh man, ok...thats a bummer. I feel a little late to the party with rc stuff lol

    I was just asking about the TT02D Type-S out of curiosity. I enjoy my TT02 and I really enjoy some occasional, basic drifting every now and then. But I also enjoy postal racing and wanted a decent touring car that could also drift some. I just know the TT02D Type-S had a lot of adjustablility compared to the stock TT02. So just wondering 😅

    Thanks again!

  5. 4 hours ago, OoALEJOoO said:

    If you want more speed, then totally worth it and noticeable quicker than the Torque-Tuned. The Sport-Tuned is in-between the Torque-Tuned and the mighty Super-Stock in terms of performance. On Plaza Japan, the Torque-Tuned is 1,100 yen vs 1,210 yen for the Sport-Tuned. That's a negligible difference in cost.

    My recommendation is to try out what you have on-hand. After that, decide if you want to upgrade.

    Will do, Ill see what I can make of the torque tuned motor and go from there. 

    Does anyone else know whether or not you need an esc upgrade for the sport tuned motor?

  6. Has anyone heard of the TT02D Type-S??? I just saw Thercracer do a review of it. Does anyone own one? If so, what do you think of it? From a beginner drifting standpoint? Is it THAT much better than a (mostly) stock tt02 with drift tires? 

    Also, where to find it for sale, in the US?

  7. 7 hours ago, OoALEJOoO said:

    @EmJayeX Answering the original question a bit more broadly, if you keep the stock silvercan motor and go with a much taller (lower value) FDR, you might not necessarily feel the car to be faster. It will have a higher top-speed but this will require a longer straight to accomplish, perhaps 50+ meters for 5.5 FDR with the silvercan. When launching from a standstill, it will definitely be less punchy. For short-course racing (e.g. postal racing) and small space bashing it will feel slower.

    I personally would not go taller than 8.04 FDR, which would be the 22T + 68T spur from the high-speed gear set. If you have a Torque-Tuned motor (many TT-02 kits come with one), then perhaps jump to a 25T pinion for a 7.07 FDR as an upper limit. If you run LiPo batteries, then perhaps you can go a little bit taller FDRs since they pack a bit more punch than NiMh. With more powerful brushed motors, say a Sport-Tuned or Super-Stock, then you'll get the benefit of having enough torque for taller FDRs, but at the expense of increased heat and need for cooling. Note that these might require an ESC upgrade if you got a TBLE Tamiya ESC.

    This makes a lot of sense. I guess I did leave some things out of my original post. So Ive got the Torque tuned motor and Im running 2s lipos. So I might go that route.

    Side question: Is the sport tuned motor worth it? Is it THAT much better than the torque tuned? 


  8. 3 hours ago, OoALEJOoO said:

    I can confirm the TB-05 63T 0.6M spur gear (51609) does fit the TT-02 high-speed gear mount. Compared to the 64T spur that is shown on the instructions, the 63T would use the same pinion 1 step closer. For example, the 64T spur + 23T pinion mounts the motor on the B position, but for the 63T spur you would mount it on the A position. Looking at the whole mounting range, while the 64T spur goes from 22T (A position) to 29T pinions (H position), the 63T spur would use from 23T (A position) to 29T (G position). Tamiya does not make 0.6M pinions beyond 29T, which I guess is why the instructions stop there. However, you can see there is still room for a couple more slots if you use spurs from other manufacturers.

    I've run the 63T spur + 32T pinion (MST) mounted on the K position, for a 5.12 FDR on a 17T brushed motor without problems. I had to file interior of the gear cover a little bit (since the 32T pinion is huge and would rub) and cool the motor with a heatsink + 40mm fan.

    Man, thats great to hear that youve done that! This is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thanks so much! 

  9. 10 minutes ago, alvinlwh said:

    Here is a chart that I use, the numbers are from an old Speed Passion motor instructions. It is more a guide than gospel.


    And here is the chart from the TT-02 speed gear chart. Just make sure the numbers are within (or bigger) the number on the first chart and you will be fine.


    Thanks @alvinlwh!

    I do still have that TT02 chart, but I just didnt know whether or not it still applied I guess 😅

  10. 42 minutes ago, Willy iine said:

    How hot does the motor get currently?  Does it pass the 3 second rule?


    I see this question about gearing often and honestly speaking, it really depends on the motor you are running, where you are running, grip level, tire diameter, and how (also how long).  What is considered correct gearing for flatter surface does not equal correct gearing if you're running over rougher terrain for example..

    Yes it does pass the 3 sec rule. Ive never heard that term before. But I assume it means how long you can put your finger on the motor for?

    And yeah, sorry, I forgot to put down that I just have the torque tuned motor. For the most part I do run on smooth asphalt, though the occasional rough patch comes up every now and then. But makes sense, thanks!

  11. Hello, just wondering...I sort of want to upgrade to a brushless system in my TT02, but its gonna be quite the wad of cash to do so. So instead of doing that, i was wondering what the easiest way to get the lowest FDR possible while being safe for the motor. I currently have a 22t 0.6mod pinion and the high speed gear set. Thanks in advance!

  12. On 6/19/2023 at 8:13 AM, Kowalski86 said:

    It depends on how powerful you go, if you have a Hobbywing 1060 you'll need a different esc to run brushless.

    An easier upgrade for more speed would be the high speed gearing hop up and a bigger pinion gear. You'll want that anyway if you go brushless.


    With the high speed gear set, whats the biggest pinion youd be able to use without frying everything? 

  13. One other random question, for anyone who can answer. Is it worth converting a TT02 to brushless? And which motors would work with the stock esc? I just feel like a little more top end speed might be nice. And also probably wouldnt spend too much on that either 😅

  14. 1 hour ago, one_hit said:

    I never bothered to count how much I’ve spent on upgrading my TT-02 cars. But to answer your question, yes I am happy with all the upgrades, even the ones that are just for “bling” like the aluminum servo mount - I already had the TB-03 aluminum servo mounts but I changed them to the newer, nicer but heavier TT-02 specific one just for the looks. I’d say the most important parts to upgrade (aside from the obvious bearings) are the steering arms and linkage, servo saver, replace the front dogbones with CVD’s and upgrade to oil dampers. Those are the parts I would upgrade first because they are upgrades that you can feel instantly. 

    Yes I must have spent a small fortune on these entry level cars, and could have bought nicer, more competitive higher tier cars. Well I have those too. But I also like upgrading cars to my liking. Cheers!


    That is a pretty sweet collection of TT02s there! I almost didnt recognize the first one as a TT02. Theyve all got quite the upgrades! 

    Two questions....

    How did you get the adjustable tie rod things to fit as an upper arm? I like the idea of being able to get some camber/toe-in/out dialed in but dont quite know where to start other than the turnbuckle tie rod set. 

    And also, what sort of runtimes do you have on your TT02s? I have a really small 1600mah 2s lipo I use with mine which gives me about 15 mins of runtime. But I have 6 of them so Im personally not too concerned with that😅 

    I cant read what the mah rating is on your batteries (and probably what most other people run too.)

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  15. 7 hours ago, Kowalski86 said:

    I think you hit a reasonable spot with your upgrades.

    To me, "Stage 1" is just doing "the big 3" things, "Stage 2" would be the high speed gear set, aluminum motor mount, and a better servo saver.

    Stage 3 is just pure "bling", which is most of the other hop-ups for the TT-02.

    I run the plastic fantastic dogbones/steering on my TT02D, they're perfectly fine for driving out in the street 

    I like that a lot 🤣

    "Plastic fantastic dogbones/steering"

    I also notice that basically all drift wheels/tires are a lot smaller in diameter compared to touring wheels. Are TT02D drift wheels about the same size as most other drift wheels? And does the way the wheel wells are cut out on the body match those wheels? 

    I have a set of Amazon drift tires and have fun ripping it around, but I cant get over how tiny they look compared to the body. 

  16. Just thought I'd share how I've upgraded my TT02 after saying I want to keep it as close to stock as possible 😅

    Ok, so in order, this is what ive put on it...

    1. Bearings

    2. Hobbypark Aluminum heatsink

    3. YR Aluminum shocks - Awesome set of shocks, so many ways to customize how you want them to run - 

    4. Robinson racing 22t steel pinion gear

    5. Tamiya high speed gear set

    6. Kimbrough medium servo saver 

    So in the end, did I spend more money than I had initially wanted? Yes. Was it fun putting all the new parts on and seeing how the car improved? Yes. Overall, was it worth buying upgrades? Yes. Does that mean I am not going to buy any more upgrades as long as nothing breaks? Well...maybe, maybe not. Is my wallet happy? No, but I am 😂

    Im surprised how much all the upgrades Ive made improve every aspect of the car, the way it handles, steers, and frankly, the way it looks too. Ive spent a little over $300 (US) on this and I love the car. Sort of wanting to look into a steering bridge too lol

    What have you spent on your TT02? Are you happy with the upgrades? And what do you think are really great upgrades that probably arent necessary (maybe what you might consider a stage 2 car instead of a stage 1 TT02 with just bearings.) 

    Note: I just ran this on some dusty street, so its not as clean as it was yesterday.


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  17. 1 minute ago, EmJayeX said:

    Awesome! Thanks! Even though its my first time racing, I think im doing pretty well so far. Got to run for about half an hour. Forgot to take pics though. Started drizzling so I had to stop a little sooner than I wanted. Look forward to the end of this round! 

    Maybe I missed it, but when does this round end again?

    Oops, I found it. June 25th. Maybe ill look harder before asking a question next time 😅

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  18. 21 minutes ago, TurnipJF said:

    It should be working now.

    Awesome! Thanks! Even though its my first time racing, I think im doing pretty well so far. Got to run for about half an hour. Forgot to take pics though. Started drizzling so I had to stop a little sooner than I wanted. Look forward to the end of this round! 

    Maybe I missed it, but when does this round end again?

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