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  1. as per title, another bash vid of my blitzer, had a few tumbles, but nothing broke & she lives another day!!
  2. well, its almost done, just got to add a clear coat for protection & add the front LEDs to the lights! Was fiddly masking the hood for the orange sections but i used some Tamiya white masking tape which can be curved etc, brilliant stuff im happy with outcome, the orange is nice & bright & i used a matt black, the spoiler is a £2 jobby from Aliexpress & i used some £0.80 mounts also from Aliexpress!
  3. Hi, what size turnbuckles do i need to upgrade my blitzer beetle, front and rear? Also Rear Hub (alloy) ? Any link to some much appreciated! Thanks
  4. cheers guys! The location is about a 30-40min drive away at a place we call "Horseshoe Pass" in Wales, its an old slate mine/quarry in the Welsh mountains, brilliant place for RC's as you can see, also very popular for scrambler bikes etc Yeah this hobbywing ESC/Motor combo is brilliant to be fair, i was a little worried about the drivetrain holding out but so far (touch wood) its held up great and seems smooth, I did get a 22T steel pinion in stead of the stock ally one. But other than that and a modified radio tray which i made out of 4mm Perspex which also helps to strengthen the chassis its all stock. The Spektrum Lipo I'm using is a hardcase, it fits in perfectly & I'm using velcro to hold it down incase of a tumble! lol. One thing I will say though, is the wires form the motor just about reach the ESC (see pic!) would have been nice if these were a little longer, as to remove the battery I have to move the ESC (which is also held in place with velcro & a couple of zip ties to remove it easily). So just a heads up! Ive also ordered some front alloy hubs along with hex adapters so I can run front wheels of the hex type, and ive also ordered some bigfoot tires (ones with spikes) which should fit straight onto the stock rims. Another thing also, is the rear shocks are fine at present, but the front shocks are a little soft, so I'm going to replace the shocks all-around with upgraded ally ones! But yup, on the whole, I'm mighty impressed with the performance, at first I was little on the fence if I should spend all that on the ESC/Motor as there are many cheaper combos about, but after reading many reviews etc I'm glad I went with the hobbywing, peace of mind etc. Also the battery was not cheap either! but again, ive always used Spektrum lipos as they have auto discharge/storage mode so no need to keep on top of them as they are pretty much maintenance free, which is perfect for me as i also run a largescale (you might have seen it just sitting to the side in the vid!) so to keep ontop of all the batterys would be a nightmare for me lol, plus I will be using the battery in other builds hopefully if it will fit! if not I also have a couple of 3s 2200 30c which are roughly half the size so will fit with no issues! I've already got my next model lined up, the BBX! ...not released yet as you prob already know but going to preorder it and will run the same ESC/Motor combo
  5. as per title, just a quick vid i put together of my blitzer! I still need to finnish the shell as im going to spray it & also add LED's for front lights, ive also ordered some bigfoot tires with spikes, so will see what theyre like anyway here ya go!:
  6. Hi guys! anyone know if these are a straight swap for the blitzer beetle stock shocks: Front: https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/fast156-fastrax-75mm-1-10-aluminium-adjustable-dampers-x2 Rear: https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/fast158-fastrax-95mm-1-10-aluminium-adjustable-dampers-x2 I've measure the length and they are pretty much the same, but it don't say what the width of these are (the blitzers are around 19mm) ? Also is the length the measurement from eye to eye where the fix point is that the bolt goes through? If these are no good, any recommendations for some aluminium ones that are a straight swap ? Thanks!"
  7. love the look of this, got my pre order in already! ..but what i don't like, is why they limit space where the battery sits, i use lipo/brushless (will be fitting a hobbywing max10 & motor combo).. im using a 3s 5000 Spektrum lipo pack in my Blitzer, but there will be no chance of fitting that battery in this, but i do have a 2200mAh so that will fit! just a pain that i will get less run time!
  8. ah i thought these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004243256632.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.27.5382d85cKYosr4&algo_pvid=d30cb825-ec34-4085-8fe2-bbc70894e84f&algo_exp_id=d30cb825-ec34-4085-8fe2-bbc70894e84f-13&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!30.92!21.65!!!!!%40211bf48d16840376859741742d07bc!12000028502471950!sea!GB!2466225780&curPageLogUid=5MOZlTF0Aih5 With these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamiya-DT-03-Aluminium-Adapter-Bearing/dp/B0761ZDWB1 would work?
  9. thanks buddy! i want to change hubs mostly so i can fit hex wheels on front without lots of meither or different parts etc
  10. hi guys, i been having a look around also, will these fit? Also when im looking for upgrade parts, do i just search for Tamiya DT-03 for blitzer beetle parts? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004243256632.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.27.5382d85cKYosr4&algo_pvid=d30cb825-ec34-4085-8fe2-bbc70894e84f&algo_exp_id=d30cb825-ec34-4085-8fe2-bbc70894e84f-13&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!30.92!21.65!!!!!%40211bf48d16840376859741742d07bc!12000028502471950!sea!GB!2466225780&curPageLogUid=5MOZlTF0Aih5 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004235254338.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.31.4ecd19bcLBAE95&algo_pvid=f0bc4b73-6279-4976-ba54-24b3cc269253&algo_exp_id=f0bc4b73-6279-4976-ba54-24b3cc269253-15&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!24.69!18.52!!!!!%4021227e5116840385305213055d07c6!12000028476487626!sea!UK!2466225780&curPageLogUid=EZbNpvQJolzX https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004662948005.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.7.909ae5e0R3AzQm&algo_pvid=afdbffcb-f47c-488f-9c8a-979a1681f88f&algo_exp_id=afdbffcb-f47c-488f-9c8a-979a1681f88f-3&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!43.01!23.65!!!!!%402102160416840383288395472d0745!12000030023397863!sea!UK!2466225780&curPageLogUid=f7QBtHuD8LMQ https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004229029586.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.43.4ecd19bcLBAE95&algo_pvid=f0bc4b73-6279-4976-ba54-24b3cc269253&algo_exp_id=f0bc4b73-6279-4976-ba54-24b3cc269253-21&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!9.95!7.36!!!!!%4021227e5116840385305213055d07c6!12000028456459491!sea!UK!2466225780&curPageLogUid=aU5QIjjezKFZ Thanks again
  11. cool thanks buddy! ..are these the correct ball nuts? https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-53640-5mm-aluminum-ball-nut-blue-p-4785.html
  12. Hi guys, im really wanting to get another set of rims for my Blitzer, but issue is that the blitzer uses bearings for front hubs (not 12mm hex like the rear!) ..which really limits my choice, infact ive been unable to find any rims for the front at all!! Is there a simple mod to convert the front hubs to hex drive? I looked at another thread on here for a part on shapeways, but the link for the hubs is now dead ? Any info much appreciated! Thanks
  13. are these still available!? as the link is dead ?
  14. dont suppose you have more pics of the mount, or if you know exactly what mount it is (which model) ? Thanks!
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