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  1. Indeed I will, and yes, the TA08 is the direction I'm leaning. It's still reasonably inexpensive all things considered. I've also looked at the highest end setups from Tamiya and Yokomo as well, but I'd almost feel guilty getting a top tier race chassis with no intention to race (nowhere nearby to race anyway). Seems like a overkill, but they certainly look nice!
  2. Yeah - I don't think I'll be doing much bashing, I really just want something different to build for a change. It was either one of the TC setups or a nicer 1/10 buggy. As said above, we have a warehouse that's smooth concrete (probably great for the drift crowd), so no issue with debris etc. for those running either of these cars, are you typically running 13.5 and 17.5 turn motors? I'll certainly ensure I grab a steel pinion if needed.
  3. Ah, good point. I do have a warehouse with smooth concrete, so could do my driving there. Having a read through the manual, it would appear the kits don't come with a pinion, correct? I'll have to figure out which motor I'm going with and source the right one. Edit: Disregard - pinion is a separate purchase only if you want to use the other spur. I am curious what a typical "general purpose" kv rating is for these.
  4. Great post, and thanks for all the info! I agree, when it comes to pure excitement, it's a bit tough to beat flying in terms of pure excitement - but I've found building the surface stuff quite relaxing as I don't have to worry about the repercussions if something fails etc, and it's usually considerably less expensive than a 700 size heli With that said, running them on a course would be a lot of fun, and a great challenge. I have a feeling this car will be a shelf-queen first and a parking lot runner second, though I may get a second body or two when I want to run it hard. Is there a good brushless kv rating I should be shooting for if sticking with the stock gearing? Does brushless require some drivetrain upgrades for reliability? For my use case, is the TT-02 SRX ideal vs. something like the TA-08 Pro? Sounds like the ground clearance is better on the TT chassis, and as this will be a 4wd WRX, it probably makes sense to go TT. I'll look into the steering hop-ups as well. Heck, I may give the recommended Tamiya ESC a try, as it looks as though it'll run both brushed and brushless. Again, thanks to everyone for the help!
  5. Thanks - reading through that now! All good running the included gearing with the Hobbywing setup? Is the aftermarket motor mount only necessary if you're going with different gearing? Looks great though!
  6. Hey all, I'm an airplane and heli guy who's slowly starting to toy around with the surface side of the hobby, and I'm considering building up a new TT02 SRX chassis to use with a Killerbody Skyline or WRX body. I'm not entirely new to kits as I've built about 10 crawlers and the Tamiya 1/16 scale Tiger I tank, but these road going builds seem to present an insane level of options and variants! With that out of the way, can anyone recommend the basic "must haves" if I want a run a decent brushless setup (probably a Hobbywing of some form)? Sounds like the Yeah Racing motor mount is a must, but is there any other weak links on the new SRX chassis that I'd need if I'm using a higher power brushless system? Are the stock SRX shocks good to go? I'm guessing it comes with a spur and pinion in the kit, but if not, is there a good all-around gearing setup I should be shooting for? I have no intention of racing or bashing etc., just want a new kit to build (that isn't a crawler for a change) that is reasonably reliable for taking out to putz around on occasion. I'll read through some threads, but if anyone has any advice in the meantime it'd be much appreciated! Edit: I'm happy to spend a bit extra on the TA08 Pro or one of the higher end setups if need be, as long as it works with my intended body (from Killerbody - "Fits vehicles with a 257mm wheelbase and a 190-200mm").
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