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  1. Well done to the three of you, many thanks !
  2. Hi there, I have been looking a lot in this forum but still can't find the answer so I am creating a new post. I have recently bought an old Super Sabre (the first RC car my brother had, a long long time ago). It was not really clean and shiny (no body and a lot of dust and dirt) but I managed to revive it pretty well. Of course, plastic did not get old very well, and some parts need to be replaced. Most of all, an essential part is missing : Where can I find these 4 "BT1" plate ? Or even better, is somebody here able to measure one and share the numbers ? Making new ones shouldn't be to difficult and I would definitely avoid the "solution" the previous owner found (he forced a second screw in the hole ...). Second and last question : are the upper and lower rear arms re-release compatible with the original ones ? I tried to look for aluminium replacement but they are not very well made and shocks are blocked (even if it is written that it is compatible with Hotshot, Bigwig, Boomerang, and Super Sabre ...). Hope to read you soon
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