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  1. Tamiya’s M wheels are similar in size to Lego’s wheels(51488 / 56908) These types of LEGO tires can be installed on M wheels However, it may interfere with the c-hub due to the width, and you may need to use a wider hex adapter.
  2. That's an artificial beach near Macau.22°21'57.9"N 113°37'28.8"E Tires are Lego 69912 size is 81mm*35mm.later I will share the wheel STL file You could download and print it.
  3. GAZ-66 6X6 「 SW-01」 Coast crossing - YouTube I found that this Lego tire can be mounted on Tamiya M wheel hub, but the offset value is not suitable. So I redesigned a wheel hub to give Tamiya Rc a new option.
  4. GAZ-66 「タミヤ SW-01」6X6 ?? GAZ-66 tamiya styleランチボックスミニ6輪 改造! - YouTube Connect two SW01 chassis end to end, and then make carbon fiber connectors, and you get this Dual motor, Six-wheel drive, four-wheel steering mini bigfoot. The dual motors provide enough torque, so the crawling ability is good. However, because the center is very high, it is still easy to roll over. But this does not prevent him from running on grass and gravel. The tires I was using were a bit too big, so much so that the steering angle needed to be limited to prevent the tires from hitting each other. Thanks to the four-wheel steering, the turning radius is relatively small. Basically, it can be a mini version of G6-01. Modeled and printed a Tamiya style driver figure. Safety net made with FDM printing ◼︎Using parts: Hobbywing 880 ESC short servo X2 carbon connectors (self made) WLP GAZ-66 body. print driver figure and details. MN-86s tires X6
  5. Great, I think this WT-01 feels better than the new GF-02
  6. +1 Mono shock.I even changed my mini hotshot to a Mono shock(only front)
  7. I have seen players here install carisma 1/16 bigfoot tires on SW01. The diameter is 76mm and the width is 42mm. This looks a bit too big Later, when I was rebuilding another SW01, I tried MN86S crawler tires and they seemed to be OK, and the price of this tire was relatively cheap.
  8. Thanks! I would really like to see SCB ,dump truck,beetle. However, SW01 has been on sale for so long and only has lunchbox and Mudmad body . Maybe it’s because the sales of SW01 are not particularly good?
  9. TAMIYA SW-01 MIDNIGHT PUMPKIN #tamiya - YouTube When I was shopping on eBay, I found a mini-qlo clear body that looked very similar to the Ford F150. I bought it immediately and planned to make it look like a midnight pumpkin After getting it, I found that its wheelbase is very close to that of SW01. This is good news, but it lacks a lot of details. So I modeled, printed the parts, and drew a cartoon version of the Midnight Pumpkin decals. Now he looks just like the official Tamiya product
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