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  1. Thank you everybody, I will probably go with a 35t motor, such as the CR- tuned because they sound like they have the right speed/ torque for it.
  2. The shell and tires definitely go well together.
  3. I love the cr- 01s. My one is nearly entirely stock and doesn't look nearly as nice.
  4. Rubberbands or tyre glue in the rear weels is a must have if you want to continue with the weelies; my brother has a 1/10 lunch box and the exeleration is awful without them. The rims just spin in the weels. The body mounts are a good shout because they do break if hit the shell too hard- my brother broke two in one go.
  5. The some of the screws in the planetary gearbox started to come out, which caused them to rub on the inside of the gearbox. I believe this caused the motor to die and have used locktight to ensure they don't come out again. The gearbox had also jammed up previously which could have damaged the motor prior to it dieing.
  6. I have just killed my sock motor in my Rock Socker. Has anybody got a good recommendation for a motor ( not too expensive) which works with a Hobbywing 1080 speed controller as a replacement. I have attached a photo of the dead motor.
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