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  1. I've started to notice the same. Rebuilt shocks twice thinking I was missing something. Although not too thick, I brought the rear oil weight on my DT03 down from 575 (FT) to 516 (Losi) cst and it seems to help the problem. After wondering for awhile, I'm starting to learn where the differences in oil weights become noticeable (e g. 400 vs. 425, 575 vs. 516). I did go with red tamiya o-rings w/green slime, and left the black ones for when I'm in a pinch.
  2. At the core, we're really describing the Gillette razor-and-cartridge model. It's a proven strategy. Buy the razor handle + a couple blades once and you'll need to keep buying more cartridges to make it work longer-term. I really like Tamiya and a couple of others. I suspect it's just part of the general product management side of the RC industry. I want to believe that those developing and selling kits/parts genuinely love it. A big plus in my opinion. Having voracious curiosity, being a tinkerer, and learner has added fuel to the fire. This hobby falls squarely at the intersection of all those things. Having a past of being very into cars (marveling at engineering and what I could never afford) alongside working at a parts store, this hobby caters to that personal problem without buying insurance or car registration fees. Maintenance and service seem impossible to avoid, however . I've landed on the mantra of enjoy with caution. The benefits of all this: being outside (buggies), practicing hand-eye coordination, and trying to improve my reflexes - which sadly aren't up to snuff like they were a few years back.
  3. I've also started to learn how quickly expensive this can get, and have myself gone overboard myself in a few cases (it's fun and worse when you like to tinker). Thanks for the update and insights.
  4. Same here, gearing up (no pun intended) to build a TT-02BR soon.
  5. Had the same issue. Tangentally, I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with removing photos. Any guidance is appreciated
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