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  1. Oh wow thank you all for chiming in! This is such useful information. This I think, is the first big "hop up" for the kit, and I'm excited to experiment with it. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, I've had my nice little Land Cruiser CC02 for a while now, been enjoying taking it camping, at the beach etc. I decided to first go with the stock rims and tires. They are hard as rock. Now I'm looking to tinker a bit, and go for a softer compound tire. But I'm a bit lost. I can't figure out where to start. I'm guessing first: what size rims should I be looking at? Any help would be very appreciated.
  3. I think the Frog is beautiful, and it's what got me back into RCs.
  4. I am in the exact same life stage as you. Currently tuning up a comical frog to take out with my two girls - 7 and 4. Running a grasshopper and hornet, but have a cc02 land cruiser and now 5 kits waiting to be built. I've been lucky in that the 7 year old wants her own grasshopper! I let them bash with me and be involved in the build process (to an extent) and think this has helped. Good luck buddy, as they get bigger they get to be the competition.
  5. As far as my research goes it's fine to start. The gearing is the biggest issue with the cc02. Go with the lowest, because anything above that is just way too fast. I went with the lowest gearing and it feels too much. Also look in to better tires - stock is way too hard. Currently looking around myself. Just finished my build yesterday!
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