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  1. If your running with full size touring cars youll need better acceleration and a balanced weight. M08 for the win (also fun because rwd) aswell as better turning if you get the hang of it (in my opinion).
  2. I havent really done anything related to rc for some time now.All my rc cars are broken... 2wd slash broke a rear knuckle and 6 year old bearings so rusty they are stuck inside (i never cleaned them even when it got submerged into the ocean 3 times lol ), tt02 servo saver is done and my nitro slash motor went kaput.Here comes summer!
  3. @Oosto hotshot looks great! What wheels/tires are those? Fit it well
  4. Try turning down your idle speed needle and running a little bit more rich on the high speed needle.
  5. A onroad racing series with these would be sick.Sometimes its cool to take weird things and do things your not supposed to
  6. those look awesome! I wish i could paint this well lol! Are the beetles m06?
  7. tt02b is quite a bit wider than a normal tt02... try searching for bodies wit the same wheelbase and a width that you would like and lightweight
  8. Its not a setup issue or power issue.Its just that you havent mastered da wey
  9. I to used to think this because im a sucker for real life small cars.Until i realized how you can do anything with the tt02 how easy it us for dissasembly,parts,mods everything.My tt02 is a rally car that can also be a competitive onroad racer.Both are good in there own way
  10. Awesome! Enjoyed reading your last hotlap ranking thread! Will follow this!
  11. Looks incredible! Wish i coulr paint like that lol.Speaking of 3d printed wheels... Doesnt someone on tc 3d print wheels?
  12. @Sogogi nice pictures of the m chassis! Your making me want to get one lol!
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