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  1. @OoALEJOoOBest looking m chassis i have ever seen!
  2. The new bodies tamiya is releasing are very good,im pretty sure tamiya is also releasing a fiat on the mf01x.Im wondering which one!
  3. This makes me interested in the grasshopper!
  4. Sad to see this You are a great person and i wish the best to you and your family.
  5. im happy to see this thread is active again! The isuzu mu caught my eye! Might want to buy one as a basher or a mf01x lol
  6. I agree tho i must say that some rtrs are so simple to work on that if someone with mechanical knowledge would work on it it would be easy.I got my first rc car a brushed traxxas slash 2wd 5 years ago... and its still driving to this day the only things that needed replacement were the electrinics and servo.It also came with a few (very basic) tools like a few hex bits and a wheel nut remover.With these things it became very simple to understand the car.As time progressed,i would decide to find better tools to make it easier to work on (lots of tools in the garage because my dad is a construction worker).If anyone is looking for a cheap simple rtr with lots of parts support and racing classes... i highly reccomend the traxxas slash 2wd (there is also a kit if you want but paint is needed).Now i also have a tt02 and assembling it showed me something different than the slash i noticed exactly how everything worked at the start it was also as simple (or maybe even simpler) than the slash.It could also be built any way i want it to be and had that "tamiya charm".But it doesnt come with tools which means spending money on that and paint also which would be very hard for me to earn money for as a10 year old if i got it instead of the slash 5 years ago. In the end i would reccomend a very simple rtr for a first rc car and learn and upgrade from there when needed.
  7. Thinking of joining this thread.. whats a good gps?
  8. looks fantastic!i agree the wheels look better than the stock
  9. Hopefully this isnt as tight as the last course lol! (running a slash in that was a pain)
  10. Looks sick! thinking of restoring a tt02 into a rally car now
  11. Congratulations to @Andreas W and @MontyMole for getting the top spots!Cant wait for next round hopefully i will have time to compete
  12. Nice cars!Whats the big one lol
  13. If you know how to model cad you can make a model of what the body posts will look like and label dimensions.Im sure theres services on the internet were they can 3d print stuff for you.(Kind of like sendcutsend but for 3d printing)
  14. for some reason tamiya still includes plastic bushings in most cars????
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