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  1. AR715005 This is an AARMA nut, so should be readily available.
  2. Going to try this thinner nut. IMG_0759.webp
  3. Be careful with how far you back the nut off, as I backed mine off from the factory setting and it unwound itself and embedded the nut into the gear cover during a race….🤬 I have heard of some guys using a thinner nut or machine the original down to get a looser setting
  4. Cheers! Hope your racing is going well 👍
  5. Hi toyolien, could you please tell me what wheels you had on your car ? Trying to find modern wheels that fit.thanks
  6. Hi Joe, hope you are well. You’ll have to get your mids and Schumacher over to the vintage bash in Victoria next year, or castle hill vintage enduro, looking to make a team for next year’s event
  7. Thanks mate, was considering getting them was hoping there was some Aus stock, but no availability. Love the look of the new shells btw
  8. What wheels are those yellow dish ones joeling ? Having trouble finding any parts in Australia
  9. These are the coolest looking things in RC at the moment ! Would be great seeing several of them going around
  10. Nice ! I hope you still give the optima mid a run though ! I imagine the yokomo quality is very good
  11. Great write up joeling. Have you any further updates on your cars ?
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