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  1. Hi there that looks excellent!!! I’m building this one at the moment but just didn’t quite get the front lights aligned with the decals to allow me to happily install led lighting....maybe I’ll see still. Wondering how you located the body mounting holes (especially the rear body posts)? Front ones seem about right but the rear looks like it will be in the roof rather than the rear window.
  2. Hi excellent folks, Im about to start a new build of an M chassis and going to use an ABC Hobby Datsun 510 body for it. There are bumper details and grille etc that are clear lexan and I’m curious as to the best method to attach them to the main bodywork? also, is there any really shiny, chrome like stuff I can use to give the bumpers a real chrome look. many thanks. :)
  3. Hi All, Just completing a build of a new TT01 Schnitzer M3 with my son and I've ******* up the paint (ended up with the tint bleeding into the white underneath)....... Does anyone have a new bodyset they might be interested i parting with? Thanks you
  4. G'day Guys, 'Been away for a few years with a couple of kids...(jeez there are plenty of familliar folks around here still), now I have a third (and just bought a expensive mountain bike) and am returning to the sanctuary of my Tamiya models!! hahah. Kina like finding myself in the foetal position amongst the chaos! Anyhow, I need to sell a kit for some quick money, and the one I have up for sale is my NIB PIAA GT2 Porsche. The auction link is below: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...E:IT&ih=001 Anyhow, I am prepared to strike a deal (for cash) with a Tamiyaclub member out there rather than just to flog it to any old joe....at least that way I can be assured it will go to a good home. Any questions; message me or hit-me-up on the bay. Cheers, Drew.
  5. New in Box PIAA GT2 as it came to me. No shrink wrap, but everything is there and mint. As much as I hate to part with this one, I have a second baby coming and need the money. So that unfortunately means no trades guys and gals, sorry. No silly offers or questions like how much please. If you know your Tamiya's, you will know how good this looks and how much it is worth. Shipping anywhere but costs to be confirmed, I would expect about 40 GBP to most places (probably less). I accept paypal (balance transferrs only please), direct cash deposit to my account or money order by registered mail. All shipping and transaction costs to be borne by buyer. Please make me an offer. Thanks for looking. Oh yeah, you can check it out in my traderoom. Cheers, Drew.
  6. That is insane.....well done on getting that price, but that is crazy. Good 'ole Ebay!!
  7. I only paid $45USD for mine about 12 months ago...Just installed it on my Hotshot runner. Looks cool too...... $175 seems like a ridiculous price, if you ask me, I put together my mint shelf queen Hotshot for under $150AUD and that included a brand new bodyset for 50 bucks! That's the beauty of ebay I guess, you never know what someone else is prepared to pay. Sometimes a lot, sometimes nuttin' Cheers, Drew.
  8. The one I just recieved last week (a finished body), had no holes drilled. Sorry, Drew.
  9. Whats that all about then?? I don't trust anyone with my passwords except me.....Paypal are likely to drop you like a hot potato for clicking on a URL.
  10. True Willy, I forgot about the IP issue, but in 10yrs of manufacture in China we've only struck IP issues once, and that was from choosing the wrong contractor....at the end of the day it's about relationships with your manufacturers. Even if they didn't contract the work out I don't think that changes my stance on an SRB re-re costing barely any more to manufacture than the other re-re's. Cheers, Drew
  11. Anyone know of a valid marketing reason for Tamiya to go to the trouble of rereleasing the Scorcher, apart from to make a few hundred TC members happy? They would sell less of them than the other rerelease buggies. Indeed Terry..... Personally, I can't think of a particularly good reason either. Perhaps to display their heritage and try to hook a few 30 somethings and their kids into the hobby again? 'Dunno. As I said earlier I don't really care either way (though, one would look nice on my shelf), but the decision will be made with little regard to the cost (I don't believe it would cost much more than a normal kit), because without knowing the exact numbers, I suspect the other re-re's are manufactured in pretty low volumes and thus would have slightly higher costs than the regular kit range too. Cheers, Drew.
  12. Regardless of whether they will re-release the scorcher or not (I don't really care either way as it holds no real memories for me),a lot of the products I sell are made from die cast metals, folded/machined metals and also quite a bit of injection moulded plastic. We get nearly all of them manufactured by contractors in China, and they are all cheap to produce. I see no reason why Tamiya would be concerned with contracting out the metal die casting process...most manufacturers in this part of the world have been doing it for decades and at rates that are outrageously cheap. All you need to do is provide a specification for them to manufacture to and keep a tight reign on quality control. So I think it would purely be a decision made by the Tamiya marketing department with little or no concern to the cost of producing the metal parts.. Cheers, Drew.
  13. For sure...and if you wanna be realy tricky, paint them on the inside before adding the final colour so they don't scuff off. 'Takes practise but looks great!
  14. G'day Backlash, I agree mate, it's a no-brainer.....half the price. I buy a lot of things from a couple of good shops in Melbourne, mainly tyres, wheels, paint, spares etc. All the big ticket items like kits'n'stuff I get from some of the many ebay sellers around SE Asia who sell landed kits about half the price I can buy locally for, including shipping, foreign exchange rates and the like. Is it any wonder that local hobby shops in Oz find it hard to survive when they are having to include a fairly hefty margins for the local agent. I couldn't believe it when the bloke at my favourite shop told me how much the Frog was going to be selling for here.... Just got a new Lancia Delta shell from Model Build in the UK...good price, Airmail only 9 quid and it arrived in about 5 days....unbelievable, global marketplace indeed! Cheers, Drew.
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