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  1. Bump update parts needed anyone have a chassis?
  2. Thanks @nicherotors I also noticed 2-3 layers of TS83 will make it more dull compared to 1 single layer that covers it all. So one coat of TS-14 and then straight after a light tack layer of TS-83. Try for 20-30 minutes the one single layer of the nice TS-83. Did I understand correct? Your painting and guides are a pleasure to follow. And you after picture set up with the parts and can lids are spot on !!!
  3. That cage looks great.. More like Art Box. Every one is going to do that from now on.... 😉 Also The " chrome" on the back of the light bezels look so much better.. Just like the box. I will tape mine up with Tamiya tape and try to get it as nice as yours. Make a big difference!!! Did you back it with TS14 Cheers
  4. Hi Fellow members Edited. • Anybody can help with a SWB chassis and electric cover … • Original M38 Grill • M38 screw set C and D • Roll cage ( front part ) Properly a long shot but hoping to get lucky. Hard to renovate a car with no tires. If anybody have anything please let me know 🙏 Cheers Kim
  5. @nicherotors little bit of bad news. I just this message back. “Hi, Blazer tires are sold out and there is no plan to make more at this moment. Thanks! Peter” It’s going to be difficult to renovate a car with tires that’s totally destroyed.
  6. Did a comparison for the spare XF-57 are the most creamy and my first choice TA46 still light colored but more „sandy‘ color AS-15 the darkest and my least favorite (typical the one I choose to paint mine in. picture don’t really show the difference as in person. They are quit different. sorry for my hand painting skills on the YF color.
  7. Helps allot @nicherotors TS12 or TS 98 would be my preference 👍 on second thought TS-12 or TS-31 im a real stickler for the small details
  8. Thanks so much they are in Stock now . Will get some sets and do some Tire writing on them. Do you use a pen or paint ?
  9. Yes imperfections look good. Gives it character I'm testing XT-57 Buff vs AS15 Tan and the TS46 Light sand as you suggested. Posting pic soon and a sone of the build. Soon finished Will try to sort the reproduction tires from eBay. Unfortunately them seem to be sold out. What color turn signals do you use.? X6 Orange is suggested in the manual but I prefer to use TS colors cheers
  10. Thanks @Willy iine used. Your advice and practiced on WW2. Came out great I get the cage can not be used but what about parts of it like the fire extinguisher or the top corner part which most often are scratched? I had some AS15 Tan I sprayed the wheel cover with . Have to compare it to TS46 light sand when I get the chance. Also have the XT-57 Buff Mat which I like over the AS15 but don’t have the capability to air brush. Can’t wait to get the M38 Where did you get all the tires for yours ? Unfortunately the ones on my M38 coming in looks to be badly cracked. Have a great weekend and thanks again
  11. @Willy iine Do you use flat clear un top of the TS-5 Olive Drap when you do your Willys ? And what color do you paint the spare wheel cover in? Do you know if there is a list somewhere on this amazing forum where I can see what WW2 parts I can use renovating A M38 SWB or SWB? Alle the white parts on the parts tree should work right. Any of the screw set work? I was lucky to add M38 Willy’s to my collection Posting when they arrive from all over the world Thanks cheers
  12. I might look into building a Wild Willy GF-02 sometime in the future. Sure looks good. Especially crazy with @Willy iine Custom Midnight Pumpkin Just need to finish my Willy M38 and Willy 2 Projects first
  13. I've learned allot thank' to all you guys in here and especially you Willy Line. Yes been searching eBay. Not many SWB parts for sale. Trying to buy a SWB as we speak. Let's see if I'm lucky to get it and how the condition is. But still like to change as many parts as possible to new. Just like it better when all is new. Specially plastic parts ! I should also have a few more WW's coming in. I will post when they are here. Ok hope not everyone has turned off their PM's. I apparently don't get any info back regarding if my message has been well received. Been trying to reach out to a couple of members here regarding paint jobs. I'm quit dead in my tracks if I can't find a painter for at least the drivers. Never really gets up to standard if the painting is mediocre at best. it the another way to contact people in here if they turn of PM?
  14. I’ve gotten a bit further with my Willy M38 endeavor. Hoping to get a used SWB in pretty good condition to renovate very soon And as far as I understand there is allot of parts that differ from SWB to LWB and parts are quite scarce for SWB. Do anyone in here have some new ones the like to sell? Getting some Jerry Can rear panel from Simensays. And like to get a set of simensays wheels if he still makes them.
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