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  1. From the descriptions, yes, it has drag brake. Obviously I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say if it is good or not.
  2. I'll keep that in mind, the 1080. I am going to run a ni-mh battery in the truck for starters, and then we'll see if I get up to the li-po business in the future. Unless it would be neccessary, using two servos in it?
  3. Thanks for the tips - the video required serious effort to keep the music and the painting stuff in focus at the same time.
  4. Thanks everyone for your contributions! @skom25 "Remember that practice and good paint is more important that tools." Well, indeed, sir! I guess you can imagine the discussions of the pros and cons of Kolinsky brushes and what the best brush for inking is or if that hammer is a better hammer than some other hammer ... @Willy iine The humble toothpick ... back in the days we got rid of all the hairs but one single on our brushes to get the finest point possible. I am not sure yet what paint to use - maybe I'll just get a few XFs to compare to the W&N I have at home. But what about primer? I've always primed stuff before, so I guess I am going to do that here too.
  5. JimBear

    Kyosho Fantom

    @kyoshofan223 The greyish gunk on the inside of the driver part, is, judging from the photos, blu-tac. I think @_Ben_ may have a photo somewhere of his Fantom showing the tape he used for the chain. I am just hoping that the Fantoms aren't going to be discontinued soon, I still want one!
  6. I sniffed some tyres today ... ahh... well, no I did a dry test, getting rims and tyres on my slow, crawly project of a crawler. Real soon now I am hoping to sock it to'em, them rocks out there.
  7. Sorry for the less-than-stellar photo - the weather is gloomy and I didn't have the time to set up the lights for a proper shot ... Anyways, I am just fiddling away, did a dry test with something else than the stock tyres (Gmade Bighorns on the kit rims). Perhaps a bit much? Nut sure yet. I have gotten the electronics, a HW-1060, a silver can and two no-name 25 kg servos put in, using a Carson cheapo TX/RX. Hopefully I can get that done soonish.
  8. I'd say the steering linkage up front is a bit better. We managed to bend the metal shafts on the Rising Fighter (same linkage setup as a Hornet for example) but the DT-01 (Mad Fighter, Mad Bull, etc) is still going strong. Given it is a secondhand car, that and the chassis itself are the only I haven't redone. If I had known what now know, I would have bought the boy a new Mad Bull right off. Here's to the DT-01 (with ball bearings of course), but be careful buying secondhand if you aren't up to tinkering and buying stuff. Otherwise, I don't know if the DT-02 Holiday Buggy would be a good fit? They seem simple and sturdy, but that's theory and not practice.
  9. Yep, there is colour and then there is colour ...
  10. Perhaps this? @Nicadraus showed some stunning thngs in there, but the photos are gone apparently.
  11. Can I assume that "undertray" means something like "less than a bathtub but still protecting the electronics etc" or is it also the aerodynamic function you are after? I like the Kyosho Scorpion/Beetle/Tomahawk angle. I am thinking that maybe it would be possible to make a "pan car as a buggy" using a flat tray or two rails. Anyways, I'll follow this with interest.
  12. Apologies to the one who built this, @joeling,perhaps? but I can't remember where I saw it on here:
  13. Probably already in there, but I saw someone on here made a Rough Rider/Buggy Champ on the DT03. Liked the idea, really.
  14. When you are working on let's say, a driver for your great new car, what sort and what size of brushes you generally use? I've been too long out of using that sort of stuff (think Warhammer miniatures (and Dwarfs nonetheless), but something like in the range 0, 00 and 000? Or even smaller?
  15. Just an update to ... well, update things. This is what I ended up with ... I am waiting for the servo and I just realized I need to change out the 25T Tamiya cheese pinion, so will put that on the order list.
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