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  1. Thanks, good to know. I'll continue the work started and add some sort of bracing on the top of the diff too, just to be sure.
  2. Where's Elivs when you need him? Sorry, this thread always gets me thinking of Elvis Presley and "In the ghetto" ... @Pizza Frog - do you know if the ORV gearbox should be braced in these spots? Or does it need to be secured across the cheese metal? I have an ORV chassis where the previous owner has made a skid plate contraption on the lower part, and I sort of wonder that's enough?
  3. Possibly related: would it be the same sort of issues using the 59313 wheel adapters on a Brat/Frog/etc?
  4. Yep, I think the big thing was that the dampers were a bit updated.
  5. Great stuff! Right up my alley - I am trying to figure out what to do with some CR-01 axles ... so this provides inspiration.
  6. Wow, that's impressive - I've been looking for those too ... but never found'em.
  7. Amphibilicious (well, it does have a certain froggy flair to it, I think)! Seriously, great work!
  8. That was my thinking too - small parts for a specific model might pass, but not the whole kit ... And maybe that's why it seems to be such a rush for AE to pour out the whole re-re bucket ...
  9. Apropos Fan RC - I happened to see that Tamico brought in a few of the Fan RC Graphite Worlds Kit - sold out in two seconds flat apparently (to the tune of 400 euros a pop).
  10. No, well, seriously ... it's easy to get carried away with tinkering and spending a lot of money, polishing a toad, so to speak. Keep it to a small budget and have fun. I can't see myself building ten of these and put a different body on each, since I am not a collector/shelf king. Unless I really started modifying it, using it as a base for something odd.
  11. JC Racing Products make white dish rims for the Yokomo. Also available in yellow and pink.
  12. I know Tamiya is almost always "keep it as it was" but I think they miss an opportunity somehow. I like what Kyosho has done with the Legendary series and Yokomo with their 870c - retain the original spirit but update where it's needed to keep with the times. But it's a complex issue; without the nostalgia angle every new car has to stand on its own, retro body or not. As in the case of the TD2/4.
  13. But (tongue in cheek and all due respect) - wouldn't that be a Top Force all over again then? (How does one remix a formula that is so stagnant, really?)
  14. @Kai City RC has dropped a nice video on the DirtCross over at YT.
  15. Yes, I happened to think of older RC stuff the other day while doing the household chores and "it was something with C" popped into my head. After a good while I remembered the name and searched around a bit looking for info. So it goes.
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