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  1. Thanks Jim, I’ll take a look. Yeh, once mounted properly, the steering will be clear. I’ll send photos later - I’m away for the weekend now.
  2. I want to make this a practical reality. It’s a Lunch Box body on a Kyosho Fantom chassis. I need to solve where to put the battery (Lunch Box Body is too narrow where the battery usually fits) and I need to venture into the world of magnetic body mounting. Is anyone familiar with the Lunch Box body, the Fantom chassis and magnetic body mounting? Any ideas for solving this little problem? There’s very little information on the magnetic body mounting brackets, such as if they’re threaded or what diameter everything is so it’s difficult to start designing a solution!
  3. OP, I'm not an electronics expert but everything you have told us leads to the motor or ESC being a duffer. Swap out one at a time to determine which, and then look at exactly what the problem is.
  4. Lost a high quality 2mm Allen key. Servicing my bike - there’s a magnetic tray on my bike stand and everything goes on there: tools, parts etc Job done - tidying up and it is nowhere to be seen. I’m absolutely perplexed!
  5. I have no issue whatsoever with things being manufactured in China (or anywhere tbh), I was more concerned around VAT and import costs... but everyone has answered that for me, which I really appreciate. :-)
  6. Where does everyone buy their FlySky kit from, then? AliExpress? The Radiolink is really tempting me, simply because of the UK availability of it and any subsequent receivers I'll need.
  7. My main tip would be to totally strip it to individual pieces and clean them up. This is the best way to spot hairline cracks and other damage etc
  8. Yesterday: -Repaired some damaged outside LED lights -Scared away a fox (see lights task) -Took an old mattress to the tip -Ate pizza
  9. Some really helpful information here, I really appreciate it! I have some thinking to do...
  10. Thanks @El Gecko - what do you mean by this? I notice when looking at photos on the web, the left hand (throttle?) stick is in a reverse position as neutral?
  11. I haven't ventured onto AliExpress for anything yet! Is everything on there legit?
  12. Thanks for all the responses. And to answer @Gebbly's questions...! 1. Yes - this is what I currently do. I use the same Tx for the four cars I have (so they all have a Rx of the same type in there). Memory system would be a bonus. 2. No. 3. I prefer stick, but I am quickly realising that the options are budget (which I have and am not that happy with) or really quite expensive which I can afford, but not really justify! 4. I have the same receiver in all four cars. It would be nice if what I end up buying can "speak" to those receivers, but it's not a deal-breaker, if I have to buy a handful of receivers. I'll have a look at the FlySky offerings that people have suggested. :-)
  13. Hello! I'm in the market for a new (better) transmitter as I am quickly realising my current one has limitations. What do you use, and why would you recommend it to me!?
  14. Hi! I know the RM01 Newman Porsche body fits the Fantom chassis, but what else does? Most other 1/12 bodies, I have found… well the wheelbase is too long. Fantom wheelbase is 200mm, and most are 210mm. Thanks!
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