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  1. Can’t wait to see the body - it’s looking like a TRF-Box!
  2. You could order from Modelsport and specify the connector you need.
  3. I don’t imagine a thin layer of lexan and paint noticeably reducing a 2.4GHz signal. I don’t run antennae on any of my cars - I simply tuck away the receiver aerial in the chassis.
  4. The postman always rings twice. 👀 😂
  5. Parts for a future M08 build. Including a brushed 15T Reedy motor. I can’t decide whether to put this straight into the M08 or put it in the Dirt Master to free up a BZ for the M08… my suspicion is the BZ is too torquey for the M08. Also, some SCA-1E parts have landed at my German address, so they’ll be coming back with me late this month.
  6. No! No fun at all. I had to open all the doors and windows and it’s cold here today. 😂 I have emailed the shop - I’d like a replacement.
  7. This motor is this one: https://rochesterrc.uk/shop/firma-80t-rebuildable-3-pole-brushed-crawler-motor/
  8. Thank you for the advice The ESC actually has just gone up in smoke before I had chance to try swapping wires. Brand new HW1060 (Spektrum Firma crawler motor).
  9. Hi! I just installed motor and Esc into a crawler. Motor and Esc wires correctly connected +/+ and -/-. Tx throttle set normal. Throttle gives reverse and is quick! Reverse gives throttle and is slow! So I reverse throttle at the Tx. Throttle gives throttle but slow. Reverse gives reverse but quick. What the heck is going on? I never saw this before. I’m reluctant to reverse the wiring between the motor and Esc - worried of damaging the motor/Esc/both. Please help!
  10. Don’t keep buying motors or ESCs. Listen to skom’s and Alvin’s advice about a possible loose pinion.
  11. Thanks for the input, chaps. A servo winch could be a winner, if I can make it work.
  12. I have searched, but not unearthed anything conclusive - apologies if I have missed it. I am looking for a winch for my SCA-1E - I would like to operate it via the Tx/Rx and without the need for an additional battery. What are my options? So far I have only turned up winches which have a proprietary controller and require their own battery (unless I'm misunderstanding). Thanks!
  13. This is good to know - would be nice to use something that might have other uses in the hobby or around the house!
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