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  1. Your work is truly impeccable Our sticker design is based on the 1999 Monte Carlo Grand Prix. The fact that you managed to create it without dedicated stickers is truly admirable.
  2. Ha!Ha! The WR02 and GF01 come with a transparent one-cent coin at the tail end
  3. Indeed, we now have two comical cars related to RALLY. Soon, in the next month, we will be unveiling a new style. Due to the current busyness with the development of the new series and the fact that we have not yet applied for a relevant business account with TAMIYA CLUB, there is less sharing. We will provide detailed information about our products once we complete the three models and apply for an account. In fact, we encountereSo that it can still be a display piece on the shelf after your intense driving, that's why it comes with a higher price.d many challenges during the development of these car bodies. We aimed to create a shell material different from the past, one that combines the rigid feel of hard-shell with the impact resistance of soft-shell with this shell.
  4. I am very grateful for your repost of my EVO and 22B,THANKS
  5. We are a new company "CIAO DESIGN ART .,CO.,LTD" in Taiwan 3years ago,we made Japan tomica accessary which is authorized. We start design RC modified product in this year. This car body is our first product. We annouce it at Fb and sale it We're not sure if we can expose commercial pages here, so we don't provide URLs directly If you are interested and trust us, you can search on FB" Tamiya big tire RC(GF,WR,CW)" We sale it on FB and Super RC in japan
  6. It is new design for TAMIYA GF01 or WR02 car body
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