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  1. I’m currently using a HW Justock in my M08. They are pretty inexpensive and seem to work well.
  2. Decided to sell my CC01 FJ Cruiser. Ran only twice and decided it wasn’t really for me. This was the Tamiya USA demo truck that I won on an Instagram raffle. It was shipped dry so I rebuilt the shocks and diffs. Includes Fast Eddy bearings, Yeah Racing steering kit, Torque Tuned 540, and a TBLE-02S ESC. I was building it as a Dakar truck but the stickers can be removed to take it back to stock. Asking $175 plus shipping or possible trades for a Tamiya FF car or other Tamiya Touring Cars.
  3. If this is still around by the time I get my CC01 sold I’ll take it.
  4. My current daily is an E90 BMW 328i. Bought it as an inexpensive car and it’s become one of my favorite cars. I’ve refreshed the suspension and I’ve done some light mods to it. I plan on doing some track days next season with it. My other ride It’s a 1945 Piper J3C-65 Cub. Have been tempted to sell on occasion and buy a Porsche haha.
  5. A bit delayed in posting but figured better late than never to post my Cliff Opel Calibra build which won the concourse at Big Dog RC Raceway in June. A bit of a back story, I entered my first TCS race in ‘22 at Big Dog RC running GT-Novice. My TT02 was decently set up but being my first race I had numerous issues. Regardless, I entered my race Mercedes GT AMG in Weathertech livery and won Concourse that year! The winning prize was none other than a Cliff Opel Calibra body set. So planning this years build I wanted to step it up quite a bit and also use the body set I won from last year. I decided to do box art and mimicked the real world Cliff Opel Calibra Race car. Using Tamiya Black Polycarbonate Paint Borrowed a set of wheels from my unbuilt Opel Calibra V6 TA02 kit Using a Tamiya touring car interior kit and somewhat copying StudioRSRs concourse build I used straws to build a roll cage A quick detailing and also made a visor for the helmet using scrap lexan and a helmet visor sticker as a template The finished product I managed to pull off another TCS Best of Show Win for GT This time I didn’t have to race my concourse body. I painted up a Ford GT to run in this years GT-Novice class. While I’m still learning I managed to do pretty well and got a bump to the A-Mains for novice. Hopefully next year I’ll get podium! Regardless it was a blast and I look forward to next year.
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