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  1. Beautiful day here in northwest Illinois! Got outside to do some shakedown runs. At 50% throttle, It became obvious why sway bars are necessary. LOL! At 100% throttle it became obvious why one must use threadlocker on the wheel to axle bolts.
  2. Thanks again to droidy for resolving my electrical issues.
  3. I very much appreciate the help that member droidy gave me this morning. He took the time to look up my radio and receiver manual and determined there was a mistake in the instructions. I followed his directions and my electric issues are fixed. Now to neaten up the wiring, take care of a few things and then I can get this truck outside and drive it. Thanks again droidy.
  4. I just did as you said droidy. Success! The motors both run. I had to switch motor wires around on the rear axle for it to match rotation of the front. Got forward but no reverse. Maybe I need to change to a different radio and receiver?
  5. Thanks very much droidy. I'm going to follow your suggestions. I need to take care of some chores around the home today, so I'll get back to this later this afternoon. Thanks again for your help. I wanted to look at the image you posted, but I got the 404 error message.
  6. Thank you droidy. I ordered the reversing cable yesterday. Be here today. Now to get power to the motors. A different forum suggested recalibrating the ESC. Any thoughts on my motor issue?
  7. Hey all. Thank you for letting me participate. I'm splitting my free time for hobbies to include building RC trucks. I built my 1st Clodbuster 20 years ago and it was great fun. Still drive it in fact. I got the urge to build another, only this time I'm building it highly modified. I'm using all new parts. I started with the Super Clodbuster Gray Edition. The parts from the kit I'm using are the gearboxes and motors, tires, body, electrics tray and ESC. Everything else is aftermarket. I want the twin steer function, I'm using Arch Fabrication servo mounts front and back with Hitec HS-645MG servos. I have the mechanical work nearly finished and now I want to get the electrics resolved then neaten everything up. This is not a for competition build. I want it to look cool and work right. I purchased a Spektrum SLT3 3 channel transmitter with a SR315 receiver. The ESC is the Clod kit included THW-880-Dual-Brushed-RTR. I installed a Y cable to connect the steering servos together to the receiver. I linked the transmitter to the receiver, tried the steering, and it crab steers. Not what I want. I want the steering to be as a stock clod. I figured I need to reverse the rotation of one servo so I have a cable coming for that. Now my problem is the motors don't run. They are wired to the ESC correctly. When I power it up, turn the switch on, The ESC leds flash red twice then it beeps. I pull the trigger and nothing happens. Any help on this would sure be appreciated. Thanks all. BobbyT
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