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  1. This post made me nostalgic and jealous at the same time - my first car in the 80s was a Boomerang, then I inherited an Avante from my older brother when he got his Schumacher Pro Cat. I couldn't keep up with the Schumacher so I demanded a new car and my dad duly obliged with an Optima Mid Custom Special! Never had an Egress but since returning to RC, it's the Tamiya car I've been most excited to try for the first time... I restarted the hobby about a month ago and have just about finished my third TT02B (two for my boys and a TT02BR for myself). Sadly, I fear this was a bit of a waste of cash as I intend to do exactly what you describe - Boomerang next then the Optima and probably an Avante when I get the bug to build after running these for a while.
  2. That's a lovely looking bug! I've sent you a DM re: the PE2 shell...
  3. Thanks, chaps. That’s good news. I couldn’t quite believe how much these receivers have shrunk…I thought it was missing when I first opened the box!
  4. As a ‘returner’ to the hobby, I come from an era of crystals and interference when it comes to transmitters and receivers. So, I’m just getting my head around 2.4ghz… I bought a basic buggy for both my sons and a different receiver/transmitter set each. As expected, the transmitters and receivers automatically paired out of the box. However, is this because the two units are linked somehow by the manufacturer or does the receiver just detect a signal and ‘lock on’ to it? Would the two units still find each other if, for example, several transmitters were all switched on at once?! The reason I ask is that I’d like to buy one of the sets again and run it in my new car at the same time as my boys (IE three of us racing/bashing different cars at the same time, with the same model of radio gear in two of the three cars). Is there a chance the gear will interfere with each other, or will the two sets from the same manufacturer pair independently and operate fine alongside each other? If they do have some sort of link ‘out of the box’ does that mean that these budget sets cannot be unlinked and then paired to different gear later if, for example, one of us wants to go wheel instead of stick but only change the transmitter? For info, the set I’m thinking of getting two of is this cheap and cheerful fella: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/absima-sr2s-2-channel-24ghz-radio-control-system-stick-radio-407387
  5. Thanks. Is there a full part number ‘directory’ anywhere as I didn’t have much luck googling?
  6. Hi all, I have just bought my third TT02B - one Neo Scorcher and one Plasma Edge 2 for each of my boys, and a TT02BR kit for myself (I might add some hop up parts to my boys' cars if they show enough interest but at 7 and 10, I am not yet sure they will stick with the hobby long enough for me to spend the money on any shiny blue bits...or a better kit in the future!). Having built the cars for the kids, I have decided I much prefer the Plasma Edge 2 shell and would like to put one of these on my car instead of the Neo Scorcher body the BR comes with (I may mix and match as I prefer the NS wing). The problem, however, is that I can only find pre-painted shells for the PE2 and I would prefer to paint my own. Does anyone know if unpainted PE2 shells are available and where I might find one if so? Cheers in advance.
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