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  1. Really comprehensive. Thank you. I am gonna keep the Torque Tuned for the time being to test ratio's etc and if it burns out then upgrade it
  2. Got some other bits in the end. A 21T pinion and the high speed spur as well as the Yeah Racing motor mount to allow any gears. Will see how it runs then will tweak the ratios if necessary and if I burn the motor will buy another as didn't understand gearing when I did the initial post. The ratio FDR for TT02B = (Spur/Pinion) x ~2.5 is really useful information that I didn't know. Basically I just wanted more and more speed 😎
  3. Danger is my middle name 🤣 I'll give it a go and see how the motor copes then tweak as necessary 👌
  4. So...ordered some stuff. A Carson 21T steel pinion (0.6),Tamiya High Speed Gear Set and Yeah Racing Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount to help mesh the Pinion and Spur nicely together. Will see how the motor copes with this setup and then look at upgrading the motor if necessary (with added heat sink). Thanks for all the advice. I found it really useful
  5. Ah, okay. Didn't realise that. Will try a 19t and cancel the 22/23t set
  6. Ordered a Tamiya 22/23t set from TTP. Will see how it goes with the torque tuned motor and then tweak the pinion size from there or upgrade the motor as necessary. I think I have my head around gears now as well. It's like a bicycle with the pinion being the front cog and the spur being the rear cog. The smaller the front = more acceleration but can't go fast and bigger front = less acceleration but faster speeds and it's reverse on the spur gear. Thanks for the advice everyone. Really useful and a lot more straight forward than what I've found in other forums. 🙏
  7. Cheers. For the time being I may try the yeah racing motor mount and go for a slightly larger pinion gear then if the motor is struggling maybe the sports tuned for the maintenance free aspect that it provides but with slightly faster speeds as well
  8. Cheers for the advice. It's just for bashing and driving around. I run nimh batteries as don't want to go into lipo atm
  9. Ah, so I would need to reduce the FDR which seems to be 10.71:1 stock. What pinion and spur sizes did you use to gain 8.23?
  10. Looking at upgrading my Torque Tuned to a BZ. Will it work with stock gearing or do I need to change the gearing? I am a noob when it comes to understanding gears and FDR's. I have a HW1060 ESC which came with the car which looks to be compatable.
  11. Today I've been doing some upgrades and fixes on my Plasma Edge 2. @_Ben_ kindly donated some stickers so I could put them on my new wing after my son broke the last one. Also upgraded the servo to an Etronix Low Profile (seems a very high quality one), upgraded to CF shock mounts to increase ride height and changed the shock oil to 800 CST . The suspension is a lot better now and shouldn't bottom out so easily. Looking forward to testing it on Friday.
  12. That's a clearer picture than I could find. Defo 1, 16 and 17 and much appreciated
  13. That's a good question. It looks to be 1 and I think 16 and 17 (the tt02-b side stickers) from what I can find from a Google search
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