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  1. Wasn't this supposed to have reinforced plastics somewhere? It would be interesting if you can tell which parts it's used on
  2. Better still if you are going to re re the kits then you should re re all the parts back up for them, not everyone is going to use them as shelf queens. Especially as the re re plastics seem to be getting worse
  3. google search tenth tech predator. they did 4wd buggies and on road cars. they went good and fast bit were fearsomly fragile. I've still got an on road one on the shelf
  4. Tamiya is pleased to introduce the Super Penguin, based on our Td2 chassis. We will shortly be following this release up with the Super Polar Bear based on our ever popular Td4 chassis. They could of put every up hopup available in a kit with a new color scheme and come out with a super astute, that would not of been hard to do
  5. Db01 or a fixed up Db02...would love a Db02. Missed out on those when originally released. Or a striker with the reinforced plastics - yes they broke alot but were great looking on the track,
  6. I think the basic chassis shape may inhibit vastly nicer body types. truggy might work
  7. There is a fair coming up in germany is it? Td4N or Td4U (N=Normal or U=Upright referring to front shock orientation) Super Egress...without the laydown front shocks thus removing that awful battery mounting setup I'd even consider putting in my first ever preorder for that
  8. Or is it a sign that a super egress is not far off? Metal bevel gears, alloy diff nuts, and strengthened/redesigned hubs etc included in standard kit. Upgraded model like original egress was to original avante?
  9. I'd go for which one has full and proper parts backup if your planning on regular use or racing
  10. The inner mounts are a bit strange. The two cool aluminum mounts get attached with one screw on a cover. What is this cover for? You would think you would put one of those covers on an off road car/buggy. Makes you wonder if they thought of using three chassis for one
  11. super avante...td2/4 chassis. Gut feeling says there will be no more based on this design. Still no 3rd party hop ups as far as I can see apart from the same ones tamiya themselves offer. Kinda shows what the aftermarket thinks of these chassis, especially as no reinforced rear hubs yet. And yet there are new hop ups being designed and released to the df01/top force. I would like to pull trigger on a td2 but with my luck it would be discontinued as soon as i did and parts here in nz are not great at the best of times. Avante for its looks and it was the first of the breed, egress for its 'bug' fixes. Super Avante...because it says its super?
  12. Mad bull still available here in NZ in some stores. We have even just had a shipment of tamiya kits arrive...wild one(normal version), boomerang, sand viper(it's a discontinued model and spares are listed as discontinued), super saber, squash van etc Don't know where the sand vipers came from, must of been sitting round in a warehouse somewhere
  13. Or swear its the bottom bracket and its actually the headset
  14. Tamiya plastic splitting when removing screws to repair/restore your buggy
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