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  1. I went to Osaka and Kyoto in Dec 2023 and went to Super Rajikon. It is close to the Kuromon Market and easy to get to. They do Tax free so make sure relatives bring their passport so you can save some extra $$$. I didn't recall any real RC shops in Kyoto so glad I bought in Osaka.
  2. Coupon code "Savings" don't work for anything Tamiya. I guess TH doesn't like us anymore
  3. I'll guess I need to make another trip to Asia again soon. You guys are correct, in Canada/USA XV-01 might not be as popular. I work on getting getting all the stuff I need for XV-01 while I build my XV-02 first. I'll guess I'll make another order from PJ soon and see what trinket I get this time
  4. I am sourcing out parts for my XV-01 build coming up but finding it harder to come by hop-ups and parts in North America. I've even emailed TamiyaUSA for some suspension mounts and they said they been out of stock for years, and Amain/Tower is just left overs. I had to order a bunch of stuff overseas from PJ, Tamico and RCmart. What is everyone's thoughts on this? Anyone have any other online sources for XV-01 parts/hop ups? Thanks
  5. I would suggest you go onsite to the club and see what people are using and determine what is best. In North America, a lot of carpet racers use Team Associated because of build, parts and durability. Not sure if Tamiya has anything that compares to these modern buggies.
  6. Thanks for the detailed info. Appreciate it!
  7. For the XV-01 do you need 1 or 2 idle gears?
  8. Can you tell me what type of foam/tape you used for the battery compartment?
  9. why not get a XV-02RS? It's good in stock form for the road.
  10. I believe Hobbywing has this feature where you must brake first before you go to reverse, which makes you have to double tap.
  11. One thing to keep in mind when shopping. In Japan they have some special edition/combo kits for the Transmitters. Some of them come with 3 receivers for slightly more price. For the Futuba, I was able to score a 3 receiver kit which pretty much gives me the remote for free. Can't wait to go back in Japan again. I'll be more prepared this time.
  12. Guys, updated from my trip from Asia. Ended up only buying a bunch of parts and hop ups and a Futaba 4pm transmitter combo with 3 receivers. I went to Super Rajikon in Osaka and the prices are good with the exchange rate at the moment. It was a lot cheaper than in HK. They did tax free and deducted taxes however they charge a small processing fee like 1.5% or something separately. Overall had a great trip, I only wished I had more time to spend at RC shops and room to bring back more stuff. Kind of hard when you travel with a baby and family.
  13. Wow I am pretty impressed with PJ, packaged arrived within a week of order to US. Ordered a kit and a bunch of hop up / parts. Beats ordering from Towerhobbies. Mine came with a blue sachet.
  14. They used to allow discounts on Tamiya before. What's with the exclusion now?
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