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  1. Thanks @Saito2, that’s interesting, I built a rere Thundershot a few weeks ago and (bearing in mind that was probably the first time I built a Tamiya CVA since 1990) thought the shock bodies seemed lightweight … but who knows whether those are v1 or v2, it’s been 30+ years so take any judgement from me with a pinch of salt, no doubt I will build the boomerang shocks and notice no difference at all! Thanks for the info 👍
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what are the updates you’d hope to see? If the CVAs were this newer type, what would that mean in practise? Just curious…
  3. Thank you Time Tunnel, going to wait for an RC zen-like moment to build this, again …
  4. I’m sorry to read this, you and your family are in excellent hands with hospice care and as said above, strength to your family sir.
  5. Funnily enough having had a Boomerang on pre order since January (hoping to get it anytime now) I bought a Thundershot to build a few weeks ago just to scratch the itch. As has been said, the newer model is surprisingly capable for what it is but I prefer the Boomerang style / nostalgia. I might put the Thundershot up for sale (but not up to speed on the rules for the forum yet so happy to delete that from here if it’s ‘not cricket’) enjoy whatever you get 👍
  6. Sorry for the slow reply, I want to be a regular contributor and support the forum but life gets in the way and then I realise it has been [embarrassed cough!] THREE weeks that I’ve ignored your message. Hangs head in shame… Thanks the heads up, I’ll use my own space when I get around to it to post some project pics and then if I do get more regular will happily pay the subscription fee 👍 Many thanks, Hoser
  7. Hi @netsmithUK, any chance you could add me to tcphotos? Many thanks 👍
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