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  1. I saw them described as RC Beenie Babies by someone and I am inclined to agree.....there are so many I want 🤣
  2. It's a real challenge working on them coming from 1/10 scale isn't it. I had my wife and dog both looking for it for me 🤣 Still can't believe I found it. I also have to use my magnifying lens LED lamp when working on them. I guess the upside is that they don't take up much room.
  3. I fitted a one way diff to my Mini-Z and during the process spent around half an hour looking for this little piece that pinged off and shot across the room. Tic tac for scale.
  4. An aluminium heat sink for my Mini-Z and a front one way diff from my lovely wife as an anniversary present 😍
  5. Nothing fancy for me unfortunately - just my trusty 2016 Skoda Yeti. Hands down the best car I’ve ever owned.
  6. I got a Datsun 240Z body delivered for my MA020 drift chassis, as well as a couple of Kyosho boxes to keep my growing collection in.
  7. Cool, hope you enjoy it. I’m planning on getting the McLaren P1 at some point. I can’t decide between the white and red or the 60th anniversary:
  8. Ah sorry I didn't realise it was the TT-01 one. That's good then.
  9. It’s not so much about the air flow, it’s to avoid contact with the motor terminals. With the vibrations you run the risk of the heat sink creeping towards them, shorting out and frying your ESC.
  10. They are great little motors. Glad you finally got one. I seem to recall reading that you are not supposed to use the heat sink on the BZ motor.
  11. Today I locked up the rear diff on my Mini Z MA020 to help it drift better. I was going to buy the Kyosho locked diff but I came across an easy, non-destructive, mod using masking tape on YouTube that I thought I'd try out. It worked perfectly and I'm looking forward to taking it for a literal spin tomorrow on my new roll of lino to see if it has improved my drifting any.
  12. Today I picked up a 3x2m roll of lino to drift my Mini Z on, as I kept spinning out hitting the cracks in my conservatory floor tiles and it was driving me mad.
  13. It seems to have stopped now so I'm guessing it was maybe the batteries I was using. It runs like a champ with no steering issues. I just need to get myself a roll of carpet or lino to run it on as my conservatory tiles have big gaps in that are not ideal. Edit: I actually bought a roll of lino earlier on today and it runs much better on there. I do need to relearn how to drift now though, as the grip is much higher than the tiles I have been practicing on.
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