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  1. Nice follow up video, still no driving though….. (Who cares about a little rain 😉)
  2. Interested in the Squash Van? @Poor Boys RC posted a great unboxing and build video! Can’t wait for the next video, running the ‘Van Squash’ Unboxing: Build video with build tips: This made me add the Squash Van to my wish list 😎
  3. In transit for a month and next a month at customs.... but finally arrived; Sand Scorcher front and rear guards:
  4. So I decided to not wait for better weather and give painting Willy's head with the airbrush one last try. I had a lot of problems spraying the white on the helmet so I had dropped the idea of using my airbrush and use a spray can. So, the white on the helmet was done with a spray can shortly before the weather started to look like winter. Anyway, I decided to give my airbrush one last try, masked the helmet and sprayed the blue part first. To my surprise it all went well and I was actually pretty impressed. So, I decided to mask of the other part so I could spray the rest and that also turned out great! Here's the result after removing the masking tape: Next I applied the stickers, masked the face again and gave it a couple of layers of X-22 clear and that made it even better, I'm really happy how it turned out Next step is to polish it, will wait a bit with that so I'm sure the clear coat is fully cured.
  5. The included card was sort of a thank you note for ordering, no idea why a BBX is printed on it, these wheels are definitely for a Sand Scorcher.
  6. After completing the front blinkers I switched over to the back of the car, the taillights. I cut out the fake lens so I could fit the clear lens. Next I cut a leftover piece from the inner fenders to fit to the backside of the taillight mount, had to sand of the bottom part to make it flush with the mount. Painted the clear lens with the Tamiya X-26 Clear Orange and X-27 Clear Red. The next step will be drilling the holes for the leds and getting some aluminiumtape in there for reflection and separate the blinker from the taillight. Stay tuned...
  7. Yeah, I painted his face first and then masked it off to paint the helmet but I wasn’t happy with the result so it has the masking tape on since I’m still working on the helmet. Problem is, the weather is to bad for painting outdoors so I’m not sure when I can finish it (I’ll be killed when spray painting it indoors 😜) Thanks on the grille, actually it’s a 9 slotted MB style grille. Seems my Willy is a MB, M38 and M151 mix-up but I like it anyways.
  8. I finally received the light switches, back of the grille now looks like this Now I can switch the headlights and black-out lights independently, and it turned out these switches had several modes to cycle through from the transmitter.
  9. For my Sand Scorcher, was a bit shocked when I saw the box was dented But the wheels were perfectly packaged in a foam insert in the box I think they look awesome!
  10. On to the lighting, started with the front indicators Removed the pin from the lens, it's easy to just break it. Next I painted the inside with Tamiya X-26 Clear Orange. Drilled a 3mm hole in the chromed part. I cut a little part from some old packaging material to act as a diffuser for the led, you can see it between the lens and chrome part. Next I glued it al together. I sanded off the top of the led so it fits inside the housing Fitted the led into the housing and used a bit of my cement/putty I mentioned before to really attach it firmly. This is the result. The picture doesn't really do it justice, in real live the light is way more diffused and it looks really smooth 😎
  11. After some sanding, some more filling and sanding you can get a quite smooth finish inside the wheel well I've also used the homemade cement/putty to smooth out the front of the body. In this case I thought I'd use a brush to apply it, I can tell you that sure wasn't my best idea. The cement/putty dries pretty fast when removed from the glass jar and to be honest it was almost impossible to handle, the result looked like this (The greyish color was caused by the brush, it was a cheap one and I destroyed it completely but I think the cement/putty caused something to dissolve inside it): Luckily it turned out great after sanding it: Oh, one thing to add, I also used a fair amount of the cement/putty on the inside to bond the front part to the rest of the body, was smart enough to use the syringe technique for that
  12. Thanks @netsmithUK it’s indeed a 403 I’m seeing. Please let me know if/when there’s anything specific to test to help you track this down.
  13. I'm having the same issue, to add to it, the browser console reads: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () on the uri https:||www.tamiyaclub.com|forum|index.php?|topic|104684-200-error-upload-failed| (Replaced the slashes with a pipe to prevent inserting a link in this post) Tried renaming, resizing and changing filetype, nothing seems to help for me.
  14. I ordered inner fenders from Scorched Parts and cut them (These are the ones for the back) I saved all cut-offs and cut them to even smaller pieces. I then added them to a glass jar and poured some aceton in. Left it overnight while shaking it now and then. This mixture can be used as a cement like putty, good for bonding while at the same time good for filling (small) gaps. I glued the inner fenders into the body with regular Tamiya cement and used the previously homemade 'Cement Putty' to fill the gap. To apply it I used a syringe which worked very well. (I still run into problems uploading photos, some error out and some work. So that's why you're not seeing every step I described )
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