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  1. I have very good results with using the clippings from the inner fenders, mixed with aceton to ‘glue’ the fenders. I also used that to ‘glue’ the front part to the rest of the body. See my build topic:
  2. I can advise this airbrush: https://neoeco-airbrush.com/products/neoeco-nct-sj83-gravity-feed-dual-action-airbrush I started out with this one: https://neoeco-airbrush.com/products/neoeco-nct-sj81-gravity-feed-dual-action-airbrush which is also pretty good (to my standards, I am no expert) but the trouble with that is that it's a lot harder to clean. These can be found in different configurations (also including a small compressor, don't expect much of it though) on sites such as aliexpress, sometimes a bit cheaper but when ordered from the Neoeco site I had no shipping cost to the Netherlands. The SJ83 also has a nylon washer in the 'paint path' but does have rubber rings in other parts so they have to be removed when cleaning with alcohol (or don't and order a spare set of o-rings) I use this spray booth: https://www.amazon.nl/gp/product/B07L5Q6TDT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 nothing much to say about it, does what is has to do. My most recent addition to my paint tools was this compressor: https://www.amazon.nl/gp/product/B07J2G7ND9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and I can say I'm very happy with it, it's reasonable quiet and is the newer version which has an extra fan to cool the motor. One advice when you're starting out with airbrushing, Youtube is your friend: there's an uncountable amount of video's on airbrushing models and RC cars.
  3. I got some more work done today, I removed the real panel where the sticker of the grill should go to make room for the real Ampro Rear Grill. The Rear Grill is printed flat while the body has a curve, so I used a hair dryer to heat up the grill and a clothespin to hold it in the bumper I cut of earlier as it has the exact same curve as the rear panel. I let it cool off and test fitted it to the body, I think it looks great!
  4. So, holes to fit the marker lights are done. Started with drilling some holes (from the back) and after that started scrapping carefully to get rid of the plastic. Next I sanded what was left to get a flat surface. The hole needs to made a bit bigger to fit the marker lights. After the left one was done it was a matter of repeating the steps on the other side as well. Took my time to not rush it and damage the body and it turned out pretty great!
  5. Wow, next to receiving my Shapeways order today, I also received parts to get rid of the slop in the steering of my Lancia 037 Rally and the new prop shaft I ordered!
  6. The parts I ordered from Ampro Engineering I ordered via Shapeways have arrived, wil start removing more and more from the original body
  7. Just received my Shapeways order for my Lancia 037 Rally Parts: Lancia 037 Rear Grill Lancia 037 Scale Tail Lamps Lancia 037 Marker Lights Shoutout to @Pintopower aka Ampro Engineering for providing the Marker Lights as a separate part to order! I was reluctant to modify the body to fit the complete set of headlights of which the marker lights are a part so I contacted Alberto and he was so kind to provide them as a separate purchase, thanks again!
  8. If you have an old parts tree, melt it with acetone in a glass jar, shake well. Back the hole with some tape from behind and the side. Position the body so the part to fill is on a horizontal plane. Use a syringe to fill it with the molten plastic from the parts tree. Do it in little steps, don’t try to fix it in one go.
  9. Thanks, I’ve just ordered the parts. Will take some time for them to arrive, gives me the time to remove the plastic that needs to be removed.
  10. @Xv01ra Seeing how the Tamiya virus works you will most likely end up owning both some place in time
  11. Another thing I did was removing the rear bumper, I plan on building it as a Evolution 2 version of it Was quite a task and it may be very difficult to also prepare the body to fit the Ampro Rear Grill, so not yet sure about if I will do that or not. But I do like the looks of it without the rear bumper!
  12. Next up is the body. I decided I don't want to build it stock but do some modifications. I started on the front, cutting the holes next to the indicators I will also replace the fake indicator/daylight running lights with the Ampro ones. I also want to replace the grill and vents with the Ampro version, but very hesitant about the headlight set combined with that as that can be a very tricky task possibly ruining the body, so I'm in contact with @Pintopower to be able to order the indicator/daylight running lights as a separate purchase.
  13. After buying My First Wild Willy 2 the Tamiya virus really hit me, bought a Sand Scorcher and a Grasshopper, both are waiting for better weather to be painted which led me to getting a Lancia 037 Rally from Tamico. The chassis is done, had a great time building it, did nothing fancy to it but the obvious bearing upgrade.
  14. This arrived from Tamico (👍) Friday, to busy then and yesterday but had a blast building it today! Chassis is done, now the body...
  15. Yes, those I already had, orderded those earlier with the car.
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