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  1. Hotshot is very unique in RC cars as we all know. But I feel there is no enough appreciation in understanding the suspension design of this car: There is almost no damping of the roll motion of the chassis but it has full damping of the pitch/Heave motion. This helps to creates a stable chassis movement because in both real cars and rc cars, pitch inertia is way higher than roll inertia. Many of you may have noticed that several youtube video that has the slow motion running footage of this car, it feels way more stable than many modern rc buggy. The point of this thread is to share my thinking of the rear suspension design and how to vastly improve its performance and retain its look/function. The original design uses pins that create huge shear force inside all bushings of the cantilever. It generates huge friction in the rear suspension. I have several pictures. You can easily give it a try and feel the difference once the rear suspension is 'freed-up'.
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