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  1. Congratulations on coming out the other end. I'm currently in the process of selling about 70% of my collection. I wouldn't call it a dark time. My life is pretty sorted, what has happened is that over the last year or so I have started to feel that the collection in some way controlled what I wanted. I had decided I needed a new house as the collection needs to be displayed, I worried fairly regularly about the collection being damaged etc, and that I was responsible for preserving the collection for the future, the list goes on and its pretty stupid (which probably says something about me). In selling a large number I plan to refocus on enjoying it and not taking it so seriously. Buy, build, sell....
  2. All on ebay now, priced individually. Prices can be less if no ebay fees. Cheers.
  3. My understanding is that it is a 1:64 scale die cast model made by Mini Gt in partnership with Kaido House on licence from Tamiya. So not a Tamiya product. They also made a Hornet inspired Skyline.
  4. Hey all, Anyone else order one? Was my first Tamiya in 1994. Will sit on the shelf together. Hairy
  5. Hey All, Not really sure where to put this. Just wondering if Tamiya made any RC boats. Same kind of build yourself idea. I have moved to the coast and fancy giving it a go. Had a look online but it wasn't too helpful. Also whilst not Tamiya, are there any other good ones? Just looking for fun, nothing too serious and under £150 say. Cheers, Hairy
  6. Still on Marketplace. Selling individually with postage if your interested. Prices will be cheaper if you avoid ebay.
  7. Thanks for adding the link. I'm happy to split it up, but it must be collected.
  8. My touring car collection is on ebay. 186447449558. Happy to come to a deal with a TC member, but it is collection only. No postage.
  9. Hey All, Looking for the following original manuals, all touring cars. BMW 318i Fiat Abarth 500 Assetto Corse Renault Clio Nissan Skyline R33 Pennzoil Alfa Romeo 156 Nissan Skyline HKS Advan Porsche 934 Turbo (Vaillant) Toyota Celica GT Four 97 Monte Carlo Suzuki SX4 WRC Let me know if you have any. Cheers, Hairy
  10. Hey, Has anyone got a set of old car tyres. Or even two. Needed for bashing so used but usable is fine. Cheers
  11. Hey All, Looking for a new set of TT02 body mount posts (B Parts - 51528). For some reason they seem hard to find. Let me know what you have got. Cheers, Hairy
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