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  1. Hi all, Would someone happen to have just the Knight Hauler rear light housing? Just thought I would ask here before I consider buying the whole parts tree and only using two of the parts. If anyone does have them please let me know a price too! Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply. I did'nt get a notification so only just seen this. Thanks but no I was'nt after a tanker but i do now have the trailer I was after.
  3. This is a real long shot but would anyone happen to have the above that they would like to part with and send to a new home? Or would anyone know someone who might have one for sale? I would prefer to stick to the UK if possible as that’s where I’m based. Thank you in advance.
  4. No I did'nt see this but thank you for the link. I'll have a read through.
  5. Many thanks for this, it's a huge help. Never thought of putting a passenger in there too.
  6. My original plan was to get the Bruiser figure but I would also like him to be wearing a stetson which does'nt come with it. This is why I'm wondering if the stetson from the Sand Rover would fit the figure for the Bruiser.
  7. Hi all, This is my first time post here and apologises if this question has already been answered and that I may have started it in the wrong thread. I've just finished the main build of my Toyota Bruiser re-re. I was wondering if anyone knows if the driver figure from the Sand Rover, Street Rover and Farm King will fit and is the correct scale for the Bruiser? Many thanks!
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