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  1. Hey guys, speaking of track markers. My suggestion for next round.A trip back in time to March 2023. A track design by @Andreas W. It's small,and easy to mark. Plus you can get many laps for practice. Andreas W took the top spot with a whopping 53 laps. Vålerbanen
  2. Wow! Nice mix of cars this round. I had overhauled the mf-01x before this round. Put in new counter,spur,and hardened steel pinion. Adjusted the suspension and ran it in the low ride height setting. I was able to get good speed though markers and the weather was perfect. I'm still putting together a M-06 for postal racing.
  3. The rain cleared this afternoon. I found a new concrete parking lot. New medical office area. Closed on the weekends 👍I feel good with the few laps l got in with the mf-01x.
  4. Finally got some laps done. This month started with freezing Temps then warmed up to the 2nd highest amount of rainfall in January for my city's recorded history. Today. The sun shines.results submitted.
  5. Just a tt-02 with the normal hop ups. And a sport tuned.
  6. I finally Got some runs in for postal racing and I finished the Yaris rally1 body. I made use of the kit decals.
  7. @Andreas W@all: What do we think about the size? Should we go back to our normal size limitations? yes. It would be nice to run in the driveway area. My go to spot is a medical business park that is closed on the weekends so i leave it marked. The lighting is not good though.
  8. @GeeWings Thanks. These are screen shots from video from my phone. I just rested it near the curb and drove towards it,lol.
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