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  1. This was a great read. I’m inspired to try something similar at my local hillwalk, however, I don’t have an appropriate truck. Yet! I’m in a dilema of what kit to get next but that might require a separate thread.
  2. Except for the slipper clutch hop-up I stayed completely stock setup and box art with mine. I’ve run 5 x 2S packs through it in its first week and so far no issues and no leaking shocks. I love it, really fun to build and to drive. I really like the stock wheels and tyres in the flesh. They’re really fun handling on loose sand, dirt and loam. It makes my “better specced” TD4 feel a very bland drive in comparison. I’m not a TD4 critic - I’ve really enjoyed it too - but it has a lot of shortcomings. Where the TD4 felt compromised or ordinary the BB-01 makes you feel… like… what else could this thing do? The BBX is imaginative rather than derivative! Actually, one and only fault so far is I popped a drive shaft on the first run. I swapped the rear wheel hub spacers around as suggested in the manual and since then it’s not happened again despite rolling it at much higher speeds.
  3. Thanks! Its the daughter’s Hornet, she’s learning how much fun it is to jump it. She’s not so keen on the maintenance but it keeps me entertained.
  4. I joined and made this my first post. Hello!
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