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  1. I'd like to ask if even the pinion gear shaft is interfering with the original gearbox cover?
  2. that is a wicked colour scheme, is that dye? May I know how to do it in more details? Regarding your modification, any reason for not just dremeling the motor shaft? Do you have a picture of the gears minus the modified cover?
  3. Also bear in mind that our hobby IS still shrinking and there is a lack of competition and lack of demand. Case in point - Stargek - Singapore's biggest Tamiya dedicated dealer has just closed down.
  4. In Japan, paint is still 600Y and thats precisely the price of a take out sandwich. I believe its not risen in price all that much over the years. Its gotten expensive to import and tranport the goods. This is a real fact since Covid, affects ALL industries. Even the actual price of a sandwich / cheap meal has risen 2x over the covid years. Factoring this, in my country it costs 5-7 cheap meals or 2 MacDonalds meals for a can of spray - how about you guys? Personally for only my location I'm using substitutes. A can of non tamiya spray / automotive spray is around 1 meal, and I just make do. Tamiya bodies are far too expensive, knock off chinese are only 1/3 or 1/2 here.
  5. I compared an Arrma 3S to a TT02 / DT03 and there is no doubt which one is sturdier. And thus my return to RC world began with Arrma. You get all the slipper clutch / heavy duty plastics / 12.9 steel hexes / large pitch gears in an RTR package. But, I yearned for the kit build and I realised that you can only get those from Japanese kits and certain high end racing kits (pointless for a hobbyist like me). Then I realize Tamiya is just a build and appreciate hobby, we are all looking at HW1060 here. Out there nothing short of Castle Mamba or HW Max6 is acceptable.
  6. thanks but the motor shaft is actually 3.175mm, there are 2 versions of the motor. I'm good to go? Id like to have everything ready before building the kit thank you
  7. Hi guys, will the motor I'm planning to use fit? is it too long? I'm thinking of 3800kv on 2s with the stock gear, I don't really need it to go warp 9.
  8. oh my, we are so similar. Technics?
  9. I am also pretty into Lego if you guys dig that. Its a different type of joy, and another deep pit to sink your cash into. Between that and RC, you have many ways to drive your spouse into irritation with the space and finance and time spent away from her. I was almost able to afford a fast car too. Until I realized I hardly have the time and space to unleash the horses where I live.
  10. So I flew 2500 miles, and reached Super Rajikon in Osaka city. after indulging my dear wife with a nice handbag and leather, it’s time to head on to the Hobby shop! A great selection of kits, and a great selection of parts too. What you don’t see is my aching foot after trekking 20k steps every day for the past 5 days. And the rain which was pouring and my wife on the other bike! We were mildly soaked from the ride. It’s my first Tamiya in 20 years! It’s a good thing I don’t live in Japan or else I would’ve bought the whole store😝 wishing everyone a Happy Spring festival if you are celebrating. And bash on!
  11. I wish to say I know your pain but it sounds like you have it worse than me. May I bless you and declare that your condition be well in Jesus name.
  12. Wow, I figured I'd tell my story too - I'm 42 this year even though I don't think I am "old" in the traditional sense. When I was 10 I got into mini 4wd and fell in love with Tamiya. Those shiny glossy catalogs always made me envy and drool as the price of a Tamiya RC system was always way above what I could afford as a kid with barely a few dollars in his pocket. Life got in the way and at 20 I suddenly had "some" money leftover, and re-discovered my passion. A few TRF's later and a very broke student looked to start his life as an adult, chalked up my follies and never thought I would pickup a controller again. But I must say I owe my RC and wrenching hobby so much, as I found the skills, knowledge and mentality very much gave me a good head start in my professional life (I am a Mechanical engineer, hey!). In 20 years I built a career, built a family, even built a few homes. I'd say that life would have flashed by had I not have a life changing event last year. My joints, fingers, wrists and even thumbs experienced pain to an extreme degree. The pain was at a stage stopping me from picking up a piece of plain paper. Cut the long story short, I got Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am very thankful to be able to put this disease under control, with much prayer and medication God has healed me to a point I can look forward to better days without fear. I chose my comeback - either RC or an actual sports car. (A buddy of mine picked up a Porsche, I was looking at Golf GTI) But it must be a good thing I cannot find a long stretch of road near me, so its RC then! I don't know how long I can stay interested in this hobby, but I am very glad that against my wife's preference she is putting up with me. So, no I don't think about how it will end. My son does not share in this hobby yet, and even then it is unfair to leave a beaten piece of kit on him. I fully intend to exhaust every piece of kit not feel too guilty about it. I know I will likely leave before the Nylon give way.
  13. If your charger has a “destroy” mode you can use it and it will discharge slowly down to 0V. Or you can drop it in a tub of salt and over a few days it will reach the same state. Don’t stab it at full charge.
  14. It is very pleasantly surprising. My hobby cells bulge over time in storage at 3.7-3.8V
  15. I would like to ask if yours bulged and did they charge to near original capacity?
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