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  1. They are 2.2 and will be fitted to AE wheels.
  2. Yeah, I thought that, too. I have ordered a set of Traxxas Anacondas for running it.
  3. Haha, I just saw the thread in the oter section... Sorry!
  4. I have just seen a short teaser vid from Tamiya USA. It seems they will bring out a modernized version of the Hornet, called the Hornet EVO. Pretty interesting idea. https://youtu.be/r7xgslUd9P0?si=04pWIf8IWfQzi72p
  5. They are a bit on the harder side, I'd say. There are no foams in them, but a plastic band.
  6. Finished the chassis and put in the motor (which meant searching for two fitting bolts first, as they are not part of the kit). The front wheels are at a funny angle and will need adjusting. Next steps will be fitting the electronics and painting the body, which has already been partially masked.
  7. Hmmm, I tried to follow the instructions. Will check the servo position!
  8. Looks really great! I saw a film about the Blue Angels in an Imax cinema some years ago, pretty impressive.
  9. This is where we are today. The suspension and gearbox are finished and the wheels are built. Next steps will be completing the chassis and fitting the electronics. I have ordered a 17.5t sensored brushless motor from Ruddog which I will combine with a Hobbywing Justock ESC. Everything went together very smoothly so far. Compared to the RC10Ts manual, I do prefer the more detailed layout of Tamiya manuals, though.
  10. Looking great so far! Are you going for box art or for a different paint scheme? Good luck with the gearbox!
  11. Thank you! I do enjoy building this one and I am looking forward to seeing yours!
  12. Spent some more time on the chassis. The Servo is a budget friendly AMEWI 5508MG. If it turns out to be junk, it can always be swapped for something better. As it was quite hot in the workshop, I treated myself to a beer. The rest of the car will have to wait till next week. Tomorrow we are going to Hockenheim to see AC/DC.
  13. Good choice, the Javelin is a cool car. My Javelin is a Turbo Optima fitted with a cage. The Turbo comes with 50mm wheels as standard. There are no issues with that.
  14. In order to make life a bit easier a surplus standard tool was "modified"...
  15. I spent a good amount of time assembling the turnbuckles. While that is never something to look forward to, these white ball cups are particularly hard to work with.
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