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  1. I will fit the spare wheel to the rear for driving, just as a protection in case of a roll-over. That did work with my Tyco Jet Hopper in the 80s. So, I do declare the BBX finished now! The test drives will have to wait until the weather improves. All in all the build was a good experience and I did enjoy it. Well done with this model, Mr. Tamiya!
  2. Then the body panels were screwed on. Suprisingly the little holes I had drilled were spot-on!
  3. The hop-up rear damper bar was fitted, which was quick and easy to do. It seems to stiffen up the cage quite well.
  4. I have gone through the adjustment process again and managed to get the car to lift the front! Thank you for the tips and encouragement!
  5. I have checked on my BBX and there is no play in the servo saver. The Tekin servos seem to be top notch, so running without a saver should not be a problem, I suppose?
  6. I think you are right. Before taking it outside for a real test drive, I need to look into the adjustments again. Probably this needs to be done in iterative process. If only it were not to unscrew the rear suspension out of the plastic!
  7. And the rear damper mount bar for the BBX! I had first seen this on the week-end and immediately ordered it.
  8. Some parts for the "Rough Rider on DT-02 chassis" project turned up:
  9. I had seen the video, too, but was not able to get the car to lift it's front wheels. I tightened the slipper till the high-pitch noise was reduced to a little bit on take-off. Then the diff was tightened, too, in two steps adding to a half a-turn. Now it seems to drive better, but still won't lift the front when doing the test! I really need to do a test drive outside to find out more. I agree, it really is a PITA to get that long screw out/in of the plastic, if you want to adjust the diff.
  10. I will check this tonight and report back.
  11. I am really intrigued by the Clod Buster now. Those 4WD rallye cars are cool as well, but for my bumpy garden a Monster Truck would probably make more sense.
  12. Great idea to prep the garden a bit.
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