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  1. Ah nice! Thanks for clarifying. seems like an excuse to go brushless!
  2. Took the motor out of the car tonight and there was a piece of magnet? Embedded in the bottom of the chassis
  3. Welp I geared it to 3.7 FDR and was doing passes on 3S… the session came to a close when the car stopped moving and the motor started smoking lol. Guess I need to hurry up my brushless conversion! Currently have a live on a mamba x.
  4. So I’m thinking about picking up a mamba monster 2 and a 2500kv motor that I found for sale… should net me a nice bump in speed over the brushed torque tuned!
  5. Have this and I can attest that they are fantastic. Have served me well for a long time!
  6. So, I came across this and am quite intrigued... Basically it's a tight-fitting shell that is attached with velcro to the side rails of the chassis... almost exactly what I was looking for! I think it's meant to be a sort of "underwear" beneath an actual chassis but I would probably run this by itself. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/misc/rc-tt-02-chassis-cover-set/
  7. I like where this is going!
  8. For reference, here’s a pic of the bottom of my associated buggy. The body fits the contours of the chassis pretty closely and I think makes a better seal.
  9. I’m thinking about it kind of in reference to f1 or open wheel cars. They have a pretty good time handling high speeds and it’s my theory that the smaller the enclosed mass, the less chance that air will get in and turn the thing into a sail. One of the weaknesses in this regard for these RC cars is the wheels since there are no wheel wells or anything and it’s hard to seal that part up. If you put the wheels outside the mass then you might have a better time dealing with that airflow :dunno: I could be completely wrong about this but it makes sense in my head lol
  10. You rock, thanks!! unfortunately that doesn’t look as tight as I was hoping… would probably need to build up some material along the edges of the tub to get it more in line with the body.
  11. Is the neo scorcher the same tub as the regular TT02? I can’t seem to find any pics of the bottom of the Neo scorcher.. can you snap one to see how the body aligns with the tub?
  12. Has anyone done this?? I am thinking that this would be a fantastic option for a speed run car as the body would fit tighter against the chassis and potentially eliminate a lot of the air flowing into the body… I have an associated buggy and the body for that basically velcros along the edge of the chassis and creates a seal more or less. Would a Tamiya buggy body be able to be mounted in a similar way? I’m thinking of a neo scorcher body potentially.
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