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  1. After what I said, ordered the 20 tooth pinion gear and 65 tooth spur gear today to get the most top speed out of the standard 540 motor.
  2. What your saying makes sense to me and the whole upgrading thing for performance and bling isn't that important when you've got something that is great in its own right.
  3. I get where your coming from, I've done the GPS speed runs etc, and maybe it's time for me to just enjoy it in motion and that's enough 👍
  4. Thanks 👍 I want it to be a runner but wanted to keep it original (thinking mostly about dampers) so will finish it and see how it goes on the standard 540. I'm have other rc's that go much faster and so maybe enjoy my SS for what it was meant to be in its original form.
  5. Haven't upgraded the suspension yet so probably just as well powered by the standard 540 as will probably be bouncy enough
  6. Thanks for measuring the diameter, will have to stick with the standard 540 for now.
  7. Thanks, will try to find the locating pin or if not get a re re gearbox.
  8. Thanks for your reply. The torque tuned would not physically go into the motor bay.
  9. Just stripped down my new-to-me vintage sand scorcher and it had a standard 540. Had a Tamiya torque tuned motor, that I read would fit but didn't, so wondering what motor upgrade options I have? Cheers.
  10. Hi, I just got a vintage sand scorcher off eBay and am updating it to modern electrics. Got everything chosen except the steering servo. It came with a steering servo with a chunky plug that won't fit in my modern receiver so need to buy a new one. I am not doing the steering mod at the moment. Will any standard modern servo work? Cheers
  11. I'm a new member here but saw that it is possible to subscribe and get additional ability to post images, you might want to check into it.
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