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  1. Sad news. I was playing with my nieces when it lost drive. It turns out the BC14 bevel gear shaft in both differentials broke. I'm not sure if it started breaking before or exactly when it lost drive. I'm hoping my local Tamiya store has parts, or at least a substitute. If not, the only place I could find in the net is in Germany, and one set with a ring gear costs 30 euros without shipping yet.
  2. Hi. What run times are you getting in your high lifts? My Hilux with the stock motor and Hobbywing 1060 only gets 10 minutes max. And it can't even climb a mound of gravel, in any gear. I'm trying to figure out if High Lifts have inherently short run times because of their weight and/or complicated transmission and/or the twin servos, or if suggested in another thread, a defective motor or esc is causing it. BTW, same batteries seem fine on my CC02. 20-25 minutes.
  3. My Hilux High Lift is only getting 10 minutes continuous on a fully charged 6800mah nimh battery. Is this normal? My CC02 GWagon averages 20 minutes with the same battery, and AFAIK the same motor.
  4. Hello to all those who replied. Fixing my problem turned out to be twofold. First, I changed the puny shifter rod to a standard 2M steering rod. Second, I noticed the transmission was jamming when shifting. So I disassembled the transmission for the nth time, and found that one of the gears would wobble during shifting even if I followed the instructions exactly. So I added a c-clip to anchor the gear, and it works perfectly now. I can even shift effortlessly when the car is in motion. Sorry though that I didn't take any pictures. The only problem I encountered in yesterday's shakedown was the servo horn screw came off. A new screw and some thread locker will hopefully remedy this forever. My next project will be an axle mount steering servo kit. It'll arrive in a couple of weeks.
  5. Is the screw/thread type of the BA16 transmission shift ball an M2?
  6. Sadly, all parts of the Hilux High Lift transmission linkage (rod, adjuster, ball connectors) are half the size/thickness of steering ones. Really fragile.
  7. Sad news. I took it out for a shakedown today. Not only did the linkage come apart, but I lost one of the adjusters on the road, and couldn't shift into any of the gears. I'll really have to look for a more robust alternative to the whole assembly. Wish me luck :-(
  8. It's brand new, so doubt they are worn. I'll try. Thanks.
  9. Hi. This is my first post. Is there are robust alternative for the BF9/BF11 shift rod for a Hilux High Lift transmission? It's so thin and weak that it often pops apart when shifting, even with the shift servo EPA properly adjusted. Thanks in advance.
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