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  1. I still have my Hotshot from Christmas 1986 although it's nowhere near standard!
  2. Thanks, I just felt it was lacking detail and decals. Loving the Hotshot - I've got an original one as well I had as a Christmas present back in '85/86? Never raced it though.
  3. Applied my own designed and printed decals to my VW Golf Rally.
  4. So I created decals based on the original car and had them printed and tonight have applied them to my car. I think it makes it more realistic and certainly adds to the rally vibe which I think the original design was lacking.
  5. Since my last post I had the idea of making my Rally Golf look more like the actual rally car I'm guessing Tamiya took inspiration from (see attached picture...
  6. @ChrisRx718 that looks great and a bit more like a GTi should. Yes the grill is moulded on the Tamiya body with window masks and two sheets of stickers! I was tempted to do something different but stuck with the box art theme. I've worked up my own sticker sheet which has the TA sponsors logos as the real one had. Just looking to get them printed by someone soon. Should make it look a bit closer to the original and it needs race numbers on it to in my opinion.
  7. Cheers. Fingers crossed they will. It's a very good resemblance to the real thing but the stickers took ages to cut and get right. Good luck if you get one!
  8. Hello all. Here's my most recent build and my first post! The VW Golf MK2 16v Rally. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.
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